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Out in the Rain

We’ve had rain all day.   Nothing torrential, or sideways, or anything exciting/annoying like that.  Just rain, enough to water things well, to clean off the pollen and give everything a good soaking.  The cucumber seedlings seem especially satisfied.  It’s always welcome this time of year, and I appreciated a few more minutes to sleep in this gray morning, instead of getting up to water everything on the deck.

You can see in the big planter (center) that the morning glories and cosmos are growing nicely there.   It’s the planter down and to the right that’s on my mind tonight, though.  The lantana (yellow) is starting it’s third summer on the deck and is now happily in full bloom.  The red million-bells petunias are starting to do their thing and there’s a legion of white allyssum growing happily around the edges, but not in bloom yet.

I’ve been uncertain about my big petunia selection this year.  I don’t always go for stripey flowers, often preferring the look of solid colored blooms, and I really wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about them.  Maybe I think they look somehow artificial, although I’ve also been pretty sure that by the time they’d come ’round to full bloom, I’ll have softened my opinion and fallen for them.   My favorite flower, after all, is usually the one that’s blooming right in front of me.

But look what’s happened down at the other end of the planter:  while the standard look of these petunias tends toward purple flowers with a white stripe through  each petal, this particular plant (or perhaps uniquely this blossom) is decidedly white, with little fringes of purple here and there.  It’s a nice change of pace, I think.

So now I’m intrigued.   Will alternative patterns to the design come only from this plant?  Is a variety of random appearances something I can look forward to from the other plants, as well?   I like that idea.  Suddenly, there’s a feeling of suspense about the season before us that wasn’t there before.

In other deck garden news, I call your attention to my herb planter.  Primarily (from farthest to closest) there’s cilantro, chives and oregano.  But I see different things in here, too.   I did plant some marigold seeds, but there are other seedlings coming in which I don’t recognize yet, as well.

They look familiar, but I’ve not quite figured them out yet.  Amnesty’s the rule for now, until I can make proper IDs.  There’s always time for transplanting/weeding later.

Meanwhile, the Charleston irises are continuing with their blooming (these may be the last hurrah, flower-wise), but look how well they’ve held up through a day of rain.   Sometimes irises get that cake-out-in-the-rain thing pretty quickly, but these guys are still looking great.


Sunday on the Deck with Greg

So, look – the other potted irises are more of the lovely Charleston.   Yay!   They are such pretty flowers.  It will be quite fun to give them a spot to call their own out in the yard.  Meanwhile, it’s a treat to look out on the deck in the morning and see them blooming there.

And look at the cool green blush of their buds.   So wonderful…and how great it is that I’m so easily amused, eh?

Except for a little lingering congestion, the cold of this past week has all but left me, which is nice.   The weather – which was cold and dreary and miserable before and while I was sick – has taken a turn for the fabulous, as well.   It was great to have this morning to sit out in the sun on the deck, puttering at assorted tasks (watering, pruning, tightening up the string trellaces, etc.) whilst enjoying coffee and our public radio’s Sunday morning line-up.

Here’s what the deck garden looks like from down below:

When all that was done, t’was nice to spread out a blanket and spend just an hour basking in the sun, charging up my solar cells and relaxing.   It didn’t last long, and the garden downstairs presented a different project to wear away some of the afternoon, but that’s a blog post of a different color (this one’s a bit purple, eh?).

Meanwhile:  oh, what a beautiful morning.

A Rainy Day

Yesterday’s sun-drenched photo of a yellow dutch iris was, as the title suggested, wishful thinking on a rainy day.

It was just another day on Cape Cod, really, but rain on a Saturday in June is never entirely welcome, even for all the good it will do, with watering new plants and washing away pine pollen.

For most of the day, it seemed we would only see some light rain and maybe the forecasts had been a smidge drama queen-y, but downpours after dark fixed that way of thinking.

Still, as days go, it wasn’t all bad.  See?