One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Look at these monster lilies.  They are of the oriental variety, specifically the Casa Blanca.   There are here as long as I – four years in September – and are having their best year ever.

They were early out of the ground this spring (but what wasn’t?) and  have grown strong and fast…and taller than ever (and while I hesitate to say it, with not a sign of the dreaded lily leaf beetle)…as the season progressed.   It looks like they’ll put on a nice show in a week or two.

The light on them was much better when they first caught my eye this evening.

I was on my way inside from a bit of after-work watering, pruning and deadheading (that turned into hotdogs with the Downstairses)when I spotted the way they were glowing in the dusky light and dashed upstairs for my camera.

But while I was up there, I spied out the porch door that the foxling who we see about lately had walked into the yard and up onto our back deck.

I went stealthily outside with my camera, sneaking around the back of the house to see if I could capture a shot quietly as it fled, without unduly scaring the poor creature.   I doubted the attempt would amount to much, but Hope springs eternal.  But still…

There he was, on the far side of the porch now, and from a safe and respectful distance away, I got the camera up and zoomed in for a shot.   The first, with flash, sucked all the light out of the scene.  Oops.  With the flash off, I caught this second shot, but I had also caught his attention and he turned around in my direction.

From the second story perspective, this fox seemed both larger and less friendly.   Now I could see it was quite small, maybe just a kit off exploring on his own.    Or maybe not so much on his own as it appeared, so my guard was definitely up.

But this young kit was also appearing to do that thing many dogs do upon first meeting me, which is this whole “OMG It’s YOU!!!!” Exuberant Best Friends Parted Forever Now Reunited in A Great Wagging Licking (Sometimes Peeing) Pile of Friendliness extravaganza, and while I don’t hate this sort of attention at all, generally speaking, in this case, I actually felt the need  to wave off this wild little creature before he got too close.

“Whoa, dude.  You can’t do that with me.  I mean, I’m cool,” I said.   “But not every human is.  You have to be careful.  But still,  hi.”

And so he sat there beside me for a moment.

He was not more than six feet away, while I fumbled with a camera zoomed in for the long distance shot, now hopelessly out of focus for something closer.

I might’ve done better if I’d crouched down to get on his level, but I didn’t want him to see that as an invitation to come cuddle, either.

After a moment or two, he got bored with me and turned to trot off across the yard and then around it’s perimeter, vanishing with the fox version of a grande jete into the undergrowth at the back corner of the yard.

I have a feeling we’ll meet again.


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