One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

A week or two ago, I was working on the big planter, and accidentally knocked off a pinky-finger-sized stem from the big red geranium.  It seemed viable and June is the month for daily gardening miracles, so I grabbed a shotglass from the cabinet, filled it with water and slipped the broken stem with its two leaves in.   I’ve keep the water mostly topped up and noticed the other day a nice little root system has formed while I’ve been distracted by other things.

This morning it has still not yet found its bit of earth, but is fixing to bloom just the same, a fitting farewell to June.  It comes and goes so quickly, this month.   Well, actually, the days and nights it rained steadily seemed to drag on a bit, now that I think of it.  But as always, over all, Time flies.  And things grow.

Speaking of things growing, this lone gazania is a survivor from last summer’s deck garden.   Our winter, so-called, was pretty mild and some of the annuals did pretty well.  I like these, but wasn’t planning to buy new ones this year.  Because they open and close according to the light of the sun on them.   I usually saw them in the morning, before they’d fully opened to the rising sun, or already closed as the sun sinks behind the house to the west.   So while I like them, I only really got to appreciate them on the sunny weekends.    But I’m glad this one’s still here and it was fun to watch it open to the sun this morning.

Those are more cosmos seedlings framing the shot (with some agastache foliage, as well, on the left), but I won’t venture a guess about what variety – time will tell.  The bachelor button seedlings are just starting to emerge and I’m not entirely sure where the four o’clocks are.   The zinnias are making a decent showing, but I think I ought to be seeing more marigold seedlings emerging.   It’s been a cool, rainy late spring (as if there was another kind), but some things haven’t responded well to the conditions.   The radish project does not number amongst the survivors.

But the allyssum’s coming into bloom here and there, and the nasturtiums are coming on strong – I imagine we could see blooms from them almost any time now (had I taken better notes about planting dates, I might have actual predictions for first blossoms, I’m sure)…and the morning glories are stealthily finding their way around assorted trellaces and strings and the cucumber vines are looking good, too.

In the background there, you can see my hanging basket of verbena.  I love the stuff, but in cheaply potted hanging setting, I’m beginning to suspect I might need to water it every half hour on a hot day if I want it to green up properly.  Transplanting to a new location might be necessary.

Here’s that window box that baby geranium broke free of.  It’s sprawling parent plant is blooming nicely.   The yellow lantana is really coming into its own, as well.

I like that both those plants, along with the tall green dracaena to the left, have been container buddies for three summers now.     The freshmen petunias are rising to the challenge and in between it all, seedlings of allyssum are making clouds of tiny flowers.

Sadly, last summer’s dracaena (right of center) has not enjoyed all the cold and rain.  I’ve cut back the dead leaves now, and we’ll see if it rebounds in the summer heat we’re trending into lately.

And for your pleasure, one more shot of the cactus flower, which I’m now told is a prickly pear.  Purty, ain’t it?

This pot of pansies is full of flowers this week, rebounding from the rain of the first part of the week into the sunshine we’re drenched with today.  It’s getting hot, though, so I will  have to find them a shadier spot if I want to keep them blooming all summer and into the fall.   (It’s not always a reasonable expectation, but why not make the effort – half of these are last summer’s pansies, as it turns out.)

Even with what seemed like an infinite quantity of rain on Monday, Tuesday, some of Wednesday and a little of Friday, it’s 87 and sunny today and a few more elephants were required to get everything properly watered this morning.  Last evening was a pleasant evening, perfect for spending some time on the deck, happily toiling at various and sundry tasks.

After a week of rain, there was weeding and pruning (sticky petunia fingers, eughh, but the scissors help.) to be done and – even with a bit of rain around lunchtime yesterday – there was some touch-up watering to be done.   Plus, it’s fun to rearrange the pots depending on what’s blooming, but also trying to find the most convenient arrangement for efficient watering (It’s scheduled before I’ve had a first cup of coffee, so it’s really best to keep it simple.).   And its fun to take the time to sit down for a good close-up look at howeverything’s growing.

Ah, Summertime.

With the spring pollen mostly behind us, the windows are open (there’s no air conditioning here at the Nest, just a couple fans…) and every now and then we get an unexpected visitor who sneaks in through opening and closing doors (we assume), like this orange and black wasp.

I wasn’t frightened by the wasp, as I’ve met them only as non-aggressive pollinators in various gardens.   They surely LOOK dangerous and that does impress the heck out of me.   Yes, I’m sure he’d have done well enough if we’d come to Rumbling, but I saw no need.  I watched him explore the room a little and then coaxed him into a pill bottle (with a sprig of dried lavendar to distract him inside) and then released him from the deck railing.  No harm, no foul – easy peasy.

Imagine if someone smushed us each time we took a wrong turn.  Wishing everyone a safe and happy Summer weekend!


Comments on: "June’s End Garden Report" (2)

  1. Always lovely sights to see here. Well, except for the wasp. I’m impressed that you got him out so peacefully. Good job!

    Thanks for sharing the pretty flowers! Between you and the guy I live with, I always have lots of pretty colors around!

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