One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Chasing the Sun

It’s a rainy day here today, so I’m glad to have saved a bunch of sunshine from Sunday to share today.

Sunday was, as its name implies, a warm and sunny day.  As Sundays sometimes are, it was a day long enough for relaxing, puttering and just a smidge of really hard work.   Maybe because the week before had been so cold and dim and rainy, when Sunday began to wind down, I still wanted a little more sunshine.

So as the evening rolled around, I wasn’t quite ready to collapse in a heap before the television and I walked through the neighborhood and down to Rock Harbor to enjoy the day’s end.

There was roses and other things blooming all along my way, and I’ve already shown you some of that last time around.   I’m sure if you’d been along, we’d have found something to talk about for nearly every step of the walk and possibly all this would’ve been merely backdrop for our experience, some of it even unnoticed.

On my own, however, I was lost in my own thoughts and free to stop and admire things here and there.

Walking to see the sunset and driving to the beach to do the same are completely different experiences, of course.  You can see (above, left) the small crowd gathered at the boat launch on the Orleans side of the harbor.

If I’d driven down to the shore for the occasion (and the sun setting almost always IS an occasion – sometimes here at the harbor, they even have a steel drum band!), I might’ve stopped somewhere for an ice cream on the way, and I’d probably stay until the last glimmers of light faded from the cloud-streaked sky.

But my walks are exercise as much as anything, and since I also like to have arrived back home before full dark, the sunset for me is a walk-by experience and while everyone else lingers still at the shore, I’m already working my way back to the house.   (On this night, I wanted to be home in time to see most of the Tony Awards, after all.)

But every now and then, I looked back over my shoulder.


Comments on: "Chasing the Sun" (4)

  1. How strange our environments must seem to other eyes. I marvel that you can take a walk and go past such an extraordinary beach, the sun dipping low and gold on the horizon, the boats lined up in perfect order, their colorful reflections dancing on the water, a picture perfect for a five-thousand-piece puzzle. But then I wonder if when I post the kind of pictures that I do on my blog, of the mountains, the deserts, forests, if people who live away from those things are just as entranced as I am by your ocean and boats, if my surroundings, which I have grown so accustomed to, are amazing and inspiring to other eyes. Certainly they are and they should still be so to mine.

    Thank you for reminding me this morning not to take what I have for granted and to appreciate everything as though its the first time I’ve seen it.

    Blessings, my friend.


  2. midnightgardener said:

    I couldn’t be more pleased that you took all that away from this blog post. :D I, too, find myself entranced with your photos. I came here from mountains and I do miss the sight of them sometimes (though I love the seaside climate!), and yours always minister to that need. Plus, it’s fun to see another part of this great big wonderful world we share!

    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  3. My word, what gorgeous photos!

  4. midnightgardener said:

    Thanks, Jess. Considering how great _your_ photos often are, that means lots. Glad you enjoyed them!

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