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Provincetown Holiday


This particular week has turned into a cold and blustery mess here on the Cape.   I’m grateful that we seemed to be one of the few places in New England where snow was not spotted yesterday, although I did look out the window a bunch of times last evening to make sure.


But the nice thing about the blog is I can make it look like a sunny day, by ignoring today.  So please, join me in denial as I share with you some pics of how the week got started.

Monday was Columbus Day, so while the first day of the week is often a day off for me, this meant it was also a day off for my pal, Heather, who came across one of the bridges for a visit from the mainland to what she likes to call the “Florida of Massachusetts”.

Monday was not the warmest day we’ve had; long pants and several layers of clothes were the order of the day, but it was a comfortable day for strolling along Commercial Street and we certainly found some lovely patches of sun to bask in throughout the day.






We started off with lunch at the Portuguese Bakery and then ambled into the East End, stopping here and there to admire the town’s delightful gardens, enjoying their season-end shows of spectacular blue morning glories and stunning dahlias in all shapes, sizes and colors.


Heather and I got together for a day back in April – you may recall – when we bought yellow violas together in anticipation of the summer to come.   Quickly, as always, did the season come and go,  and we had plenty to catch up on from the months intervening.

As we talked of Heather’s travels to Yellowstone and elsewhere, my own summer adventures and news of our families and mutual friends and all that stuff, we also crawled through a delightful array of galleries, whose doors were propped open invitingly on this warmish afternoon.

There are such wonderful artists in and around Provincetown and there’s always a delightful array of art to admire, to show us the world through fresh eyes, to annoy or delight, confound and inspire us.  You know, all the things one generally hopes for in a bit of art.


At the Schoolhouse Gallery, we saw some especially interesting things, including a series of these unique, upholstered trophy head wall-hangings.   I was a poor blogger in that I didn’t make note of the name of the artist or the name of this particular piece, but it completely tickled us both.   I think of it as a Divan-osaur, and I’m pretty confident that my pal The Catsby would LOVE one of these as a perch to survey a room.  The folks at the Schoolhouse said cat lovers often had comments about those, actually.





It was a treat to spend the day with Heather, especially since we had missed connections back in the first weekend of August, when she was planning a visit to Provincetown and I had already made plans as far in the other direction as one can get on the Cape, leaving me unable to get there in time to have much of a visit with her.

During that visit, Heather got a personal tour of town from a guide friend of hers, so we also traded Little Known Facts throughout the afternoon as we wandered about.   As we headed west in search of some good coffee, Heather also surprised me by showing me a hidden garden she’d learned about of which I knew nothing.

Hidden behind the Commercial Street store, the garden at WA was an unexpected treat of gentle fountain sounds and simple music and delightful sculptures.   [There’s some issue with my inserting a link to the store website, so just do a search for “WA Provincetown” if you’re interested in more information.]  Although it’s not the time of year when we are looking for a shady oasis, it was still fun to stroll around and admire the statues and birdhouses and such offered for sale.




The days end too quickly this time of year and before long at all, it was time to pile back into the car and head home, the sky filling up with the clouds of the week to come.


Thanks, Heather, for the visit – it was a treat to see you and have another afternoon to pal around and book-end the summer season, while we gathered sunny photos to enjoy on less delightful days.



Comments on: "Provincetown Holiday" (6)

  1. Greg, I will wallow in denial any day. Say the word.

    You got it, sistah.

  2. I’ll add my voice to Trout’s: if this is what it’s always like, I’ll join you in denial any time.

    I love the shots you take with friends. You always look like you’re having a blast.

  3. Gorgeous photos Greg – and a lovely reminder of a fabulous day!

  4. Hey Greg…Love the photos of P-town. Made me a bit homesick…I NEED a trip to the Cape, but sadly I don’t think this will be the year. Remember I complained that I was unable to read your new blog format? Finally switched to a different browser, and I can now read you just fine! Joe & I used to hitch from Hyannis to P-town and have coffee & desert at a portugese bakery a million years ago…wonder if it’s the same one? *elaine*

    Welcome back to the blog – so glad you’ve got the browser sorted out. Yay! Elaine, I’m almost sure it’s the same bakery. This place has been here for-almost-ever, I’d estimate. And always too many choices!

  5. I like spending the day with you. What great photos you share. I love the trophy head as well. How clever. Makes me won’t to rip off the idea. Was that furniture legs as antlers?
    Nice post!

    They WERE furniture legs!! I think those heads were one of the most clever things I’d seen in a while.

  6. Nice post Greg. I like your picture of that old white house. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to sit up in that Widow’s Watch during a storm. Your other pictures were nice too they always are.

    No doubt – it has the best view of the harbor, I’m sure and dramatic as anything during a storm. Thanks for stopping by, Bob.

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