One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Storm Surge


In which Hurricane Bill passes by and, like so many other August visitors, proves himself full of bluster and blow, but not too much trouble (well, not locally, anyway).  As seen from Cape Cod’s Outer Beach in East Orleans around 8:30 a.m.













Comments on: "Storm Surge" (8)

  1. Love your beach pictures!

  2. lovely photos. a friend of mine lives in new brunswick. she was complaining that environment canada appeared to think that hurricanes honoured provincial boundaries as they’d had weather warnings for pei and nova scotia but not new brunswick. she said they were already receiving rather heavy rains and the power had gone out on them. for a prairie woman she adapted well to being in the maritimes.

  3. Looks exciting and full of energy. Was there much beach erosion?

    I heard there was some erosion in Wellfleet. I’m sure Eastham, as well. I happened to get to the beach at low tide, and was still impressed with the powerful surf (as I almost always am!). The biggest tide came at 2 or so in the morning, and was lost to darkness, but when I went it was impressive to see how very far up (past the dunes) the high tide mark was.

  4. You got the good end of the hurricane: Good that it’s a safe distance out and not washing stuff out with it. I wonder if the surge was stronger earlier in the morning, judging by the way it was rotating? It’s never a bad day at the beach, and so much cooler when there’s something wild and uncontrollable not far off the coast…

  5. You’re closer than I’ve ever been to a hurricane. Jealous.

  6. For as much as I loved the photos from the beach, I am glad that I missed out on the hurricane. Although from the sounds of it, it was not that bad by you? I don’t like severe storms. Never have and never will!

  7. Such power and so close. I experienced a hurricane up close and personal when I was eight, too young to recognize the devastation I now realize.

    Where is everybody? Doesn’t high surf bring out those young and foolish surfers?

    Birdie, they actually closed public access to many local beaches as the storm passed by (but I heard they were making exceptions for folks with surf boards). Too many unpredictable (and often unthinking) tourists willing to let their little ones run through the surf, I expect…plus, high tides were pretty intense, from what I hear (This was low tide, as the storm actually passed). I was able to gain access to the Outer Beach through an undisclosed location and what a treat it was to share the show with so few others!

  8. Thanks for your pics of the beach! I love the whole beach environment, so different than where we grew up,…eh? Be well my friend!

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