One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."


Due to an overwhelming number of requests…um, several requests.  Okay, one request, this evening’s post turns the spotlight once more on my Purry Pal Who’s Fun To Be With, in a sort of tribute to our blog friends Curt and Duncan over at While Walking Duncan.   As I mentioned last time, he really has taken to this routine of going out to explore around the yard and gets just a little miffed when the routine is disturbed, as it was the past two nights, when I had work shifts to keep me from being around for walking.

Despite the  inconvenience (cause that’s what it always seems to be about with them, doesn’t it?), he’s pretty good natured and it’s not like he’s sitting around shredding furniture so his displeasure will be known when I return.  No, he just likes to whine and moan out windows, and save the fabric tearing for when I’m actually home.  ; )


So now, after feeding has been addressed (his, not mine), he clamors at the door for us to go out…and if I don’t pay attention, he’ll come and find out why.  There’s always a little dance about the harness.  He doesn’t mind it when its on, but putting it on still gets him a little skittish, so patience (the virtue)  is helpful.  Once he’s hitched up, tho, we are off to the races and sometimes its tough getting the apartment door closed and getting down the stairs after him.

Outside, it’s lounging on the sidewalk to start, often rolling about.  I think this may be one last effort to get the harness off, but fortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

Not only did I remember to bring the camera along on our wild adventure tonight, but I also managed to make a small movie of his adventures chewing grass around the edge of the driveway garden bed (which does need some edging, a project for tomorrow’s sunny day off).   I made the mistake of working the theme song from the Top Cat cartoon into the video, so YouTube has now wiped my entire audio soundtrack, and I am waiting for them to replace the soundtrack with something they have the rights for me to use from the library of the ever-delightful Spike Jones.  Until that’s approved tho, we’re a silent film.   Anyway, enjoy!

I was a little surprised to see just how many other YT videos there are of cats on harnesses.  I hadn’t realized we were in such good company.   I will say that I’m adding “Bear” as the newest nickname, after seeing the first few seconds of the video, it was clear that such a large kitty bum is really more reminiscent of Baloo than Bagheera, after all.


While we were walking about in the side yard, I’d noticed that the family renting the house next door has small children, one of whom (maybe four years old, or so) was tearing in circles around the place, no doubt his parents hoping he’d tire himself out, or turn to butter, or something.   I almost died laughing when he came around the side of the house and caught sight of the cat on a leash, skidding to a stop to gape.


Badum pretended not to notice (*no eye contact), but was very aware of the little boy.  He’s met them before (we know a young lad who figured out the spirit of Badum’s sound effect name, to wit: “Greg, why is Kerplunk hiding way in the back under the bed…and why is he making that hissing sound?“), and after a moment, was happy to drag me away from the driveway area, and the young boy’s attention.

We sniffed around just inside the barn door a bit, since it was open and it’s sort of a kitty playground in there, but with so many places I don’t fit into there, I directed our attention to the big back  yard, where my buddy got into the whole panther thing again.  On our first trip or two out to the back yard, the big stone bunny did kind of freak  him out, but now, Mister Gray stalks by without even a howdy-do.  After all, sometimes there are real bunnies out there in the yard (heh, tho I was amused to note that the loud chirp of a chipmunk still makes him jump…).







Our walk was extra long tonight, in compensation for missing the last couple and we had a fun time roaming around the property and covering some new territory, too, when Himself decided that we were just going through the cut in the hedge to explore the opposite side’ neighbors’ property more fully, since there weren’t many people evident over there.

Even with a nice long walk under our belts, I still felt like the villian when I had to call an end to our playtime (and my buddy was content to underscore that feeling with his own grumbles of displeasure), but the mosquitoes were in full force, and looking for any chink in my armor of Deep Woods OFF and so we headed back to the apartment, content to dream for now about what we’ll find out there tomorrow.



Comments on: "Walking The Gardener’s Cat" (8)

  1. i need to get a few pics of dutchess on her perambulations with bran. she also likes car rides though the excitement of them causes her to shed more than normal which causes me some “issues”. i have a few photos of that (but they’re still int he camera and i’m not near my purse right now).

    Naomi, my buddy is not a fan of car travel, though I sometimes wonder if its just the cat carrier he dislikes. Perhaps we’ll see about riding in the car on the harness sometime.

  2. What a great adventure from the cat’s eye view. I have to imagine you crawling around to get those shots. Big grin.

    Ha ha, Birdie, not _too_ much crawling; gotta be able to keep up with the Gray Lad, after all. Mostly holding the camera down low, occasionally duck-walking for a good shot. I hesitate to consider what we look like to the neighbors. I know that little kid was pretty shocked by the sight of a kitty on a leash. Even funnier was how quickly Badum turned and beat feet away from the kid.

  3. Badum is trying to put a whammy on the hapless robin. I’ve seen cats do that – hypnotize a bird, just before pouncing… and dining.

    There’s got to be some Russian Blue in Badum’s heritage – the pewter coat and golden eye. We had one; her name was Grace. We lived next to a church in NY one summer, one of her favorite haunts, sometimes prompting the observation… Joe went to the church to get Grace.

    HA ha ha ha! That’s great. I don’t know much about cat breeds. I should research them. Until now I’ve been of the mind that its only THIS one I need to understand, which keeps me pretty busy. ;)

    I’ve seen him try that hyp-mo-tizm stuff before, but it never works on the Monkey Slippers.

  4. What a handsome fella! I tried walking Winnie and Pip on a harness several years ago, but they both kind of looked at me like I should be the one strapped in while they carried the leash. Your boy puts them both to shame!

    And, ah, how well I am acquainted with that feeling of villainy for deciding the walk must come to an end. It seems nearly every evening Duncan has some pitiful looks to cast my way. I suggest treats as a lure and distraction. Being a cat, Himself will know exactly what you’re up to, but he won’t mind as much!

    Thanks for sharing, Greg! You brought a smile to my face!

    Curt, you shouldn’t assume that I didn’t get some funny looks from Herr Purrmeister when I first suggested the harness and leash, but he’s certainly come a long way. This afternoon, we rambled about our yard and the ones adjacent on either side for over an hour – a new record for us, which hopefully made up for some of our shorter walks. We are both enjoying naps this evening as a result of the longer adventure in the warm sunshine. But I’ll keep those treats in mind for future bribing purposes.

  5. I love the video. It was a pretty leisurely walk, wasn’t it, with lots of things to sniff and taste along the way. Now that’s the way to take a walk!

  6. rethoryke said:

    Xeno has never tolerated a harness, but he is content to take short, supervised constitutionals in our back yard. Reasonably civilized, until he has to yak up all the grass he’s eaten….

    Oh, we did some grass yak-king yesterday. Didn’t make the movie. ; ) Deee-light-ful.

  7. I had a cat years ago that I could take for walks just like you did with Badum. He was so “alive” when we went outside. I liked the picture of the robin peaking out through the fence among the pictures of Badum obviously looking back with interest. ;-)

  8. I’m pleased that Mr. Purrypants has taken so well to the harness and leash. It looks like grand fun!

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