One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

A Mid-Summer’s Gale


Well, look who blew back into town to help us celebrate the arrival of summer:  it’s our old wintertime friend, N’oreaster.

Yes, an unseasonal gale has swirled up into existence about 150 miles east of us and is taking the Chilly Stormy Thing to new levels.    Our high temperature for the last 24 hours has been about 57 and just for good measure, there’s the rising, falling wind gusts that howl just a little at the top of their blowing to make it seem a little colder.


I don’t really have any complaints, though.    I think we’re building up a nice credit and when the weather finally turns favorable, we might enjoy a nice long stretch of it.   Anyway, it’s been good to have my attention turned in on the Nest the last couple of days and I’ve made some good progress on a few different fronts:  painting, re-organizing, brainstorming, decorating, cleaning.

It feels all tied to the Solstice and the change of the season and perhaps my inner Pagan is taking over:   I feel like there’s a ritualism to the cedar incense and lavendar candles I’ve been burning as I’m working.  I recently noted the passing of the one year mark of when I made those fairly big decisions last year, so it feels right, these new Nesting efforts.   Rededicating myself, I guess, and continuing to celebrate the good life I’m creating.


Anyway, it was kind of exciting last night and again this morning to suddenly realize that the background rush I was hearing through open windows (the cat’s disappointed, but there are fewer of them just now) was not traffic on the highway or even the gusting wind, but the rolling, crashing, thundering power of the ocean not far away.   Always such an awesome sound in the dark of night.


I enjoyed stopping by Coast Guard Beach this afternoon to check out the ocean’s bit of drama.   There something thrilling about the strong scent of a sea churned up with a storm, the tang of salt on your tongue, even the way the wind blows my hair.   It hasn’t actually rained very much, only a spatter here and there, although we had some heavier rainfall overnight.


Unusual or not, its only a bit of weather and one only has to turn on the television or the radio or surf the internet to know that there’s plenty of folks who’s lives are way more troubled by things much more powerful than a lack of sunshine.  My good wishes go the people of Iran, who have every right to hope for fair elections, and my sympathies are with those people whose evening commute took an unpleasant turn on the Washington DC Metro line this evening.

And closer to home,  it seems a host of my friends are facing challenges in their lives these days and I find my thoughts and best wishes go to each of them throughout the day.

Meanwhile, here’s a little something to boost all our spirits while we await the return of our regularly-scheduled June:   a few after-images of a morning walk I enjoyed last week when the sun made a brief appearance.








Comments on: "A Mid-Summer’s Gale" (4)

  1. Your seaside photos look as if it is winter. Let’s trade. I’ll give you several days of clear 95 plus temps for your heavily overcast cooler days.
    The flowers are beautiful. I love that gorgeous orange rose below. Makes me want a cup of sherbert. Thanks for sharing your landscape.

    I consider the offer and get back to you Rick, thanks!

  2. You live in an amazing location. Summer is much shorter than it is here. We’ve have been hosting summer here for a couple of months. Though we have recently had some thrilling thunderstorms, I envy you with your nor’eastern drama and the passion of the ocean.

    I hope you experience some comfortably warm sunshine soon, dear friend.

    Thanks, Java! Those winds are still howling a little at the windows this morning and the skies are gray. The forecast suggests the storm will have broken up, or meandered away from our neighborhood by the week’s second half. We’ll see. ; )

  3. Hopefully you’ll be experiencing some of this hot weather soon if the jet stream carries in the right direction. The waters looked a bit rough, only to be softened by the great shots of the flowers. :-)

    Send it on over, Steven. I could do with a little wahmth. The sun’s out now. Well, I think it is. It could just be a meteor. But I Googled it…and that’s what the sun is _supposed_ to look like. Maybe I’ll go for a walk. ; )

  4. What a contrast in photos: the drama of the stormy weather vs. the pastoral serenity of the sunny and colorful shots. I pick sunny. Every time.

    Living on the Cape means coming to appreciate the stormy days, too, but I think I’ll still choose with you, Birdie. Really, I’ve never been against rain, in fact, encourage it…during the hours of midnight and 6 a.m., just like in Camelot. ; )

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