One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Walking the Sunset


It was Monday evening.   The event set-up at work scheduled for the evening had gone more quickly than anticipated and I was free as the sky began to turn a nice golden color.   I look at the clock and a quick (but casual, as math and I are not dear friends) calculation showed me I had time to feed the Catsby and wolf down a little dinner of my own before grabbing my camera and heading to the bay, in search of a sunset.

flowering-quince1 I might have arrived at the water’s edge with time to find a perfect spot to settle and watch the sun sink away, had I only walked.   But as is often the case, that golden evening light made everything along my way look quite perfect and lovely and many of those things just clamoured to have their photo taken.

There’s a few big shrubs of this flowering quince in our neighborhood.   Spring has reminded me that I have long been a fan of this neighborhood.  For years I’ve been slowing down this time of year as I drove past, to admire so many of the gorgeous spring excesses I’ve been sharing with you this month.   So I am enjoying living in the thick of it all this year and finding chances here and there to get out for a closer look at what I’ve long admired from afar.

The pinky-reds of the quince, I find, are the perfect foil for all the yellows of the daffodils and forsythia which are so dominant in the landscape just now.   Someday, when the Gardener has found his own bit of earth, he will make room for one or two of these, maybe as an endcap to a long hedgerow of forsythia.



lilacs-on-the-wayNaturally, that garden will include even more lilacs than forsythia.   While I am enjoying the brilliant yellows of the early season, I’m excited to see that the scales are beginning to tip.   Already some early rhododendrons – a fairly unbiquitous variety – are beginning to launch into the purples of later spring,  with their bright neon blossoms.    I’m a bigger fan of the deeper, more subtle tones we’ll be seeing shortly from the heavenly scented lilacs.

And I think I’ll be seeing lots of that soon, too.   Everywhere I look lately, I discover more lilacs preparing to bloom, many just outside the windows of the Nest, but also a long stretch of my bay-walking road.   On this particular walk, I suddenly recognized that there was a hedge that runs alongside for about twenty paces or better.   Before long at all, they will be a glorious cloud of purple blossoms and fragrance.   Can’t wait!

sunset-squirrelAs I got closer to the sight of the sinking sun, I discovered I was not alone in seeking out those last warm orange rays of the day.   This squirrelly fellow was balanced easily on the wire, his eyes turned to the west.   He gave me a moment’s attention, when I stopped for his photo, but quickly turned his attention back to the sky.

I discovered his home on the way back from the beach a little while later, when my approach sent him scampering into his hole.  I noted in twilight that a nearby power pole was actually a double:  a new pole had been brought in and attached to the original, perhaps because of the nest in the knothole about halfway up.

I got to the bay just in time for Sol’s big finale for the day.    My words would only distract from that show, so I’ll leave you with these last images.  Enjoy!







Comments on: "Walking the Sunset" (5)

  1. WAY cool sunset!

  2. April Ring said:

    What a beautiful sunset. For a moment I was lost in thoughts of my childhood on the Florida Gulf Coast. Our sunsets are just as beautiful. Its so nice to know others enjoy them (and the friendly squirrels) as much as I do. Thank you for sharing.

    What a pleasure to know I sent you back to such happy memories! Glad you visited the Midnight Garden and hope you’ll come back often! Thanks!!

  3. I love the silhouettes of the sea oats. Like April, it takes me back to Sarasota (when it used to have vegetation instead of concrete).

  4. Gorgeous sunset and photos. I love a wonderful sunset and never witnessed many growing up in a valley in Arkansas till moving to Texas.
    Forsythia is beautiful. Wish it would do well here.

  5. I love the character you give the photo of the daffodils by taking the shot at a slant. The sunset that is framed on the sides by the grains is a beaute!

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