One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

snow-crocusesGood Sunday morning, everyone!   It’s forty-four degrees here today.   That bright golden orb in the sky made it just comfortable enough to enjoy my second cup of coffee this morning on my deck, a pleasure I’ve not enjoyed since autumn.   What a treat!   After the coffee, I got myself out for a short walk this morning, as I’d spotted a spring thing or two from the car and wanted a closer look.


These snow crocuses were not what I went looking for, but a delightful bonus.  I spotted two clumps of them springing up randomly in the lawn of a house around the corner and down the road from the Nest.

Actually, it’s a house I’m particularly fond of, thanks in no small part to the massive tree that grows in front of it.


heathers Down the road from this house – next door, actually – was the object of my searching walk this morning.   I’ve taken photos of this place before, as they have some lovely gardens out by the road, most notable hundreds of daffodils that bloom throughout the spring season.

There were also some heathers (I think that’s what those are) just winding down their blooming season, which offer some nice color in our still just starting-to-green landscape.

But it was the daffodils I came for.  I spied them as I drove past yestereday.  In previous years, I’ve had to pull over in the car and get out to take some shots.   It’s kind of nice to live just around the corner this  year, since it meant I was able to take my time getting the right shot.   I look forward to following the progression of this show a little more closely this year.

Birds are singing like crazy today and it’s a beautiful day.   I  hope it’s a sweet day where you are, too!


EDIT:  A little while later:   I just surfed over to Lost in the Landscape, where James is featuring a bevy of purple beauties in his garden today (you should totally check them out) and learned that he was doing so as his participation in the Garden Bloggers Bloom Day, of which I had previously known nothing.  Surf around and see some pretties!  And it’s not just for garden bloggers, either!  The GBBD happens on the 15th of every month (handy if you’re feeling guilty about missing the 12 of 12 yet again) and anyone can post pictures of whatever’s blooming in your world!


Comments on: "Signs in My Neighborhood" (9)

  1. Those daffodils look ready to spring into Spring there. I should go on a daffodil walk soon. There are a lot of them already in bloom around town.

    I’m excited for you that you got to enjoy your coffee and the weather on the deck this morning. Sounds very hopeful. We’ve got that cold wet thing going on here. It wouldn’t feel so cold if it weren’t so wet. The temperature is about the same here as there, but the rain makes all the difference. No matter, though, because we desperately need the rain. And I know we’ll have more warmth than I really want all too soon.

    Spring here is VERY MUCH about the rain, as you might recall from last year’s blog posts…so this warm and sunny day (low fifties, now!) is a delightful little treat for us. Hope you get out for a daffodil walk soon.

  2. Ah, allergy season is upon me.

  3. All about the rain with us in Raleigh too. 2 more days of it until the next time. ugh! But, looking at all the blooms today was fun! Happy Bloom Day!

  4. Greg, the bloom day thing is a great thing for the 15th of every month: a way to share whatever’s blooming outside (or indoors for you Zone -11 gardeners). Be sure to cruise over to May Dreams Gardens and add your post to the list. People should find this great post!

    The crocuses in front of the house are gorgeous how they poke out of the lawn randomly. That second photo just screams the Cape. Love it.

    Your second cuppa coffee sounded lovely–glad the season is finally cooperating. I’m looking forward to more blooms from your direction!

  5. Shortly we’ll be seeing the carpet of white violets in the woodsy part of our back yard. People consider them weeds, but when they blanket the ground, they’re beautiful. We don’t have bulbs in our yard; let the squirrels find their own food. But I certainly enjoy the colors of the blooms in others’ yards.

    I‘m not normally given to overly-strong opinions, but the folks who think violets are weeds could easily be rounded up into camps and I doubt we’d ever really miss them.

  6. I watched a crow pick through our lawn all morning for fallen sticks with which to build his nest. No flowers here yet, but that was still a very hopeful sign. Yay!

  7. I found your website through May Dreams. It looks like spring has arrived in your neighborhood. I love the tree with the blue sky and clouds behind it. Very nice!

    Hey, Phillip, thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed visiting your “Dirt Therapy” blog – all those southern blossoms just warm a yankee gardener’s heart this time of year!

  8. Only a short comment, fitting to a short, delightful and heartwarming post: nice.

  9. Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Greg.

    Beautiful pictures. I have some plants coming up but nothing blooming yet.

    And back to ya, my friend! I think I may spend the day transplanting morning glory seedlings!

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