One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Red Sky at Night…


March Fifth.  It was a brilliantly sunny day, in itself feeling like a major accomplishment.   The sounds of dripping and bird song prevailed.  Once again, we convince ourselves that 35 degrees feels like the reprieve of Spring.   For many, the temptation to shed coats and scarves may have held sway.  But having only just banished the head cold, I’ve no interest in welcoming it back and stayed reasonably bundled.

In celebration of the coming spring, that “Marchmas” cactus has begun to bloom and I’m just tickled with what the color eventually turned out to be.  So often these guys offer that hot magenta/fuschia color which can be a little intense on the eyes.   I like this nice solid, but muted red.  It jollies us into spring feelings, without actually being too much.

Here’s a collection of a few other plants crowding together in one of those southern windows.  You can see the ivy has taken nicely to having something to clamber upon.  In the center are the rising strappy leaves of the amaryllis, and to the far right is the marine heliotrope.  Just out of frame, hanging above, is the fuschia Winston Churchill from last summer.   I’ll have to get a shot of it for its own self.  It’s doing quite nicely.



happy-houseplants-2The sunshine and ever-lengthening days are certainly encouraging the birds and there seem to be new songs teasing my ears nearly every day.   Of course, it also means there’s a lot of bird action to enjoy in those feeders in the side yard.   Beside my Birding Buddy is my Easter cactus, which you might recall blooming for the first time last spring.  It continued on and off into early summer, as I recall and I look forward to seeing another show from it soon.

To the right here, is one of the spider plants I have not yet divided, hanging above a pair of potted snake plants and another pot of pothos.  That’s our early morning sun beaming through the window this a.m., as I prepared for an extra-early shift at work, for a breakfast buffet and seminar we were hosting.

The work shift went well, and rather quickly…and as bonus for having been in so early, I was able to get out of there a little earlier, as well, so I could enjoy some of the afternoon’s bright golden sunshine.   As I was leaving the restaurant, I spotted this pair of  hawks high the locust trees adjacent to the parking lot.


After a stop at home to change and visit with my pal – I hooked him up with some fresh organic catnip I’d picked up at the Cape Cod Dog (they have great cat stuff, too, possibly soon to include greeting cards featuring the Catsby!!).  Tonight he is dashing about the place like a madman, even without a laser pointer for chasing.  Well, except when he has fallen over, asleep.   After I’d gotten him situated with a little nip and an early dinner, I headed off to Provincetown for a haircut and a nice walk in the fresh air along Commercial Street.




flower-window This is possibly the very quiet est month in Province town.  Even some of the year- rounders are away to warmer climes for a little while.  There are certainly people in town, but it seemed largely a ghost community today, most stores shuttered for the winter, many with hopeful signs promising a return in April, others with For Rent signs posted.  Many sections of sidewalk have not even been cleared of the icy slush that remains of our most recent storm.

There was one store, though…and I’m cursing myself for not taking more pictures of the place, or making note of their name (it was a clothing shop, I believe)…which has all of its display windows just MOBBED with plastic flowers of every variety.  Generally, I’m not a fan of them particularly, but in quantity like this, and on a cold day when we’re trying to get ourselves in the spring way of thinking, the display was delightful!


After a nice bit of walking, I got myself a hot chocolate and drove over to catch the sunset at Herring Cove Beach.  There was quite a crowd gathered for the Nightly Setting, as you can a little in the above shot.

It was a nice treat on a cold evening, and fitting of the celebrating I was quietly doing in my head.  You see, it’s not just Spring coming on.  Today marks exactly six months since the Gray Catsby and I took up the Bachelors’ Life and move ourselves into the Nest.  It’s been a remarkable six months, honestly…and only just the start of even more good things to come.



Comments on: "Red Sky at Night…" (8)

  1. Sharing in your happiness…..time flies, yes?

  2. The cactus looks like a pretty good diver doing a swan dive, suspended in air…

    I find plastic flowers pretty sad, too, but a mob of them does takes on a different look, like Victorian wallpaper. Anything to remind us of the real thing is great, though, as long as we never begin to accept that simulation as the real thing.

    Good luck getting your cards in the shop. I think the Great Catsby staring out the window would be a great design. You could write all sorts of things inside a card like that.

  3. I couldn’t help but notice the brand name of the clementines: “Darling.” What a great name! Good marketing.

    Six months? Really? What are you thinking about that? (Probably deserves a post of its own.) You seem to be doing so well, no longer smoking, taking each day and living in it fully.

    Oh, perhaps a post of its own…or sixty. But generally, I suppose what I’m thinking is that I continue to be proud, pleased and relieved at the good decisions I made last summer. I’m enjoying the way things have turned out (tho I still miss my Emily and the *space* I had for gardening in ’08), and all the possibilities that the future holds.

  4. Jesus Christ, six months, I can’t believe it (time flies when you have fun, OK that was a little sarcastic, but thanks for your really helpful Friday joke). Your “perfect-sunset”, he earned his name, “provincetown-harbor” is great too.

    Ha ha…thanks, Martin! Glad you enjoyed the joke!

  5. Kathryn said:

    Enjoying your view from here, even if it always feels a bit likes eavesdropping. May you and Catsby continue to find pleasures wherever they appear. And send advise how to get Saphira out of my plants that she is methodically killing (or has already mutilated beyond Nature’s repair.)

    Eavesdropping implies you aren’t meant to hear…and I wouldn’t keep the blog if that were the case! Welcome to comments, Kath! I’m pretty lucky with Purrypants; he gnaws the occasional bit of spider plant, but seems to leave the rest. But I’ve known kitties who’d eat anything green.

    First, get Saphira her own pot of cat grass, wheat grass, something green that’s safe for her to eat…if there’s still trouble, you might wrap the base of the plants (or cover the dirt, if she likes to dig) with tin foil…which sounds annoying and tastes like well, I’m sure it doesn’t taste good. You might also make a spray by boiling some water with cayenne pepper, chili pepper or something similar, which she wouldn’t like, and then spray it on the leaves. I’ll send you a note with all this, too…

  6. Spring is coming. The trees are starting to bloom with flowers.

  7. Congratulations on the anniversary! And now Spring is on the way for real.

    Hey, thanks, pal! : ) And yippee to some Spring!!!

  8. The color of the cactus’ bloom always provides a nice contrast. I’ve never seen them in full bloom with the petals fully extended, but rather as a bud as those seen in the background. Beautiful capture!

    I can’t help but picture these green arms of the cactus as “flailing” serpent locks of Medusa’s hair. And the stigma of the flower is the serpent’s tongue. :-)

    Interesting vision of Medusa. Careful you don’t get “stoned.”

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