One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."


Previously on The Midnight Garden:  After a teasing day of sunshine with temperatures solidly in the fifties, Winter staged a comeback, dare we hope, a last stand for this year.  But it’s anyone’s guess how much more of the season we’ll get.  Compared to many places, we had very little snow from this most recent storm…but the landscape’s white once more and it seemed like a fun idea to make a pilgrimage across town to check in with the ocean on the way to work this morning.

atlantic-snow1The ocean was a bit of a fury when I arrived, no doubt churned up by the recently passed storm still in the gulf of Maine to the north.

iciclesI always find it interesting to be at the beach in the winter, especially when the season is so very obvious, with everything dressed up in the festive icy vestments of the season.

Of course, I prefer those days of spring and fall when I can walk along the boardwalk in my tevas, sand sliding through my bare toes when I step off onto the sand.  Today I was in hiking boots and the customary five or six layers of clothing.

The beach grass fronds of last summer have been blown away by winters winds and only some little clumps remain.  The skeletons of beach roses and seaside goldenrod line the paths, but of the more delicate beach peas no sign remains.








Heading back through town after my beach visit, I remember that there was a witch hazel tree in front of the Chamber of Commerce office (there’s the link if you’re planning a Cape Cod vacation…), which I had enjoyed about this time last year.   As you can see, I found it happily blooming, a nice counterpart to the white snow.


I know some people who are slow to warm to yellow, and I guess I can understand that:  it can be an unbearably cheery color and sometimes that can be a bit much to take.  Yellow is the color that walks into a room fairly singing “Good Morning, Everyone!” as folks grumble about him.  But even the color cynics amongst you should be able to admit that it’s a pleasure to have a little color on an otherwise dreary landscape!

The sun struggled throughout the day, lingering clouds from the storm trying to smother our star’s best intentions.  I’m happy to say that Sol mustered its forces in time to give us a big, warm (looking…it was 22!) finish at the day’s end.

You can see it’s only taken the two days of temperatures in the 20s to bring ice back to Rock Harbor.




Comments on: "Once More, With Feeling" (8)

  1. Yellow is TOTALLY that guy who wakes up cheerful at 7am and bubbles over while the rest of us reach bleer-eyed for the coffee and wish he’d shut the hell up… but I have been coming to appreciate the color more and more as I get older. Still don’t wear it, I’m not quite ready to take on the responsibility of that much energy, but I do appreciate it more (it’s a natural anti-depressant, did you know that?). Someday I will paint a kitchen yellow, though probably more on the orange side, sort of a Tuscan, earthy yellow.
    I recognize that lifeguard tower, I think.

    When I painted the Nest bathroom yellow, I purposely did only one coat over the extant pink. As a result, little hints of pink show through here and there, giving the impression of peach skin (at least, that’s what I fancy it does…I’m sure some people might just look at it and say, “hmm, too lazy for a second coat””), which seems to mute yellow’s enthusiasm there just a smidge.

    You *should* recognize the lifeguard tower, tho you saw it under much warmer and darker circumstances.

  2. Blear-eyed. Not bleer-eyed.

    (Had a little more coffee now, have we?)

  3. Reading this on my Blackberry loses some of the impact, but even so I can tell these pictures are stunning. It will be interesting to compare similar shots in spring and summer.

  4. That rock harbor shot is amazing. But why can’t I embiggen? That’s unusual for your posts.

    Thanks, I was pretty pleased with that one, too! As for the embiggening, or lack thereof, remember when Blogger told me I ran out of storage space? Trying to be better about file sizes these days…(hey, but I’ll SELL ya a poster real cheap…heh heh)

  5. The ice in the harbor fascinates me.
    Hope your winter weather is nearly finished now. It is March, after all. March is so much more hopeful than February.

    I didn’t realize yellow was an anti-depressant! I’ll have to keep that in mind. My foyer is painted yellow. It has no light fixture at all, and I hardly go in there. I wanted to paint a lot more of the house that pretty yellow, but somehow other stuff happened.

    Sounds like you got a nice spring-into-summer project, there, Java! Spread some more of that yellow around!!

  6. I really enjoy the somber, pensive mood of the beach in snow photos.

  7. Mr. Chamber of Commerce, maybe I can cut a half-price deal on a beach cabana if I have to work on my tan line in the snow? Brrrrr. But pretty!

  8. Such frigid shots that you have captured in comparison to only days ago. Amazing how weather works. Thankfully the sunset brings us warmth.

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