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Catching Up For Christmas


nauset-light-at-christmasSo it’s been a week since my return to the Cape, and a pretty busy one, too.   In addition to trying to sort through all the photos from the weekend in New York, and putting together a bunch of blog posts to commemorate the weekend’s adventure…there were also holiday parties to host at work, Christmas shopping, a kitty to renew my acquaintance with…and snow!


The snow came on Friday afternoon, fortunately not earlier in the week, when there was much to accomplish.  As luck would have it, Friday was a day off and I was able to get my Christmas shopping more or less finished, just as the first flakes began to fall out of the sky.

The oven had also been repaired the day before, and so I was able to cook a nice hot dinner at home and wrap presents as the snow began to fall more heavily.

Check out this great Charlie Brown Christmas Tree my sister Sue sent me as a birthday gift.   Pretty cool, huh?   My sister may be a blockhead, but she sure got me a nice tree!   Thanks, Sue!   ; )


from-the-nestThe snow storm was a pretty intense one, and certainly much worse other places besides our end of the Cape.  Mom and Dad reported a foot of snow that day and have gotten more since – sounds like a White Christmas is nearly guaranteed for us there.

Many people further up Cape were without power when Saturday rolled around, and its easy to see why.   This was a very heavy and wet snow, weighing down all the branches and power lines.    A second storm was due to come our way on Sunday and if that one had been all snow as well, we would certainly have lost power as well and probably seen a lot of damaged trees, too.

As it turns out, the Sunday storm was a rainy one, so that helped to soften up some of our snow, for a little while anyway.   As darkness fell on Sunday and the rain tapered off, our temperatures dropped down into the low 20s, turning our world into a sheet of glassy, slippy ice.   Wee…


ladybugI’ve noticed recently that there’s at least one ladybug who’s joined us here inside the Nest.   I think it’s kind of cool, actually…and I see it as an omen for good luck.  After all, they are beneficial residences in the garden.   Perhaps they will help my houseplants to thrive during the winter months.


Speaking of plants, I recently purchased an inexpensive amaryllis bulb and potted it up to see what happens.   Of course, for Christmas blooming, I ought to have planted it weeks ago…but I think it’s red blossoms will come in early February, maybe just in time for Valentine’s day.   No matter when they come though, its sure to be a nice antidote for what may be a cold and snowy winter.

Since this past weekend saw the coming and going of the Winter Solstice – the year’s shortest day – we haven’t seen all that much in the way of sunshine this past week.   However, there was a little last Thursday and some more again just this morning, so my pal Badum and I got to try out a cool early Christmas  gift we received from our buddy, Patrick.  

It’s a solar powered rainbow maker, featuring a Swarovski crystal (just like the star on the tree at Rockefeller Center…)…and when the sun shines brightly enough, it powers a motor which turns the crystal, which in turn sprays little bits of rainbow all over the walls of the living room here at the Nest.    The Gray Catsby and I are quite fascinated and delighted with this new toy and look forward to many sunny mornings in the year to come!


Tonight, I have swiffered the apartment, packed up some gifts (and laundry) and baked some cookies and tomorrow morning I’ll be headed off for a few days of Christmas-ing in Connecticut, leaving my cat buddy in the comfortable care of the Downstairses, who are happy to have a kitty to spoil for Christmas.   Now that we have clarified what his feeding schedule actually is (as opposed to what he might like it to be), I expect to be able to return from a few days and not find him looking a little larger, as I did after the weekend in NYC.  

After this latest roadtrip, I think I’ll be settling in for some steady time here at the Nest.    After so much travel in the last month, I would hate for him to give up on me and just move in downstairs full time.   I’ll only be gone a few days, though, so I probably won’t blog much, if at all, while I’m in the Nutmeg state.   There’ll be a lot of festivity to fit into that time, after all.


But before I dash off through the snow, I did want to take a moment to thank you all, my regular and occasional readers, for making this such a memorable year here at the Midnight Garden.   I wish each and every one of you (even those who read and never comment, maybe even especially you all…) a very happy week of celebrations, of whatever variety or denomination appeals to you or is your tradition.



There’s a song from The Polar Express that has come to touch my life and inspire me more than a little this past year, and only partly because its also sung by the dreamy and talented Josh Groban.  

Here’s the lyrics I’d like you to put in your heart for the year ahead…and then I’ll include a link so you can hear the song (and a few others I like), just in case you never have. 


Believe in what your heart is saying, hear the melody that’s playing,

There’s no time to waste, there’s so much to celebrate.

Believe in what you feel inside, and give your dreams the wings to fly,

You have everything you need if you just Believe.


Merry Christmas!!   Happy Hannukah!!   Good Yule!!     Sweet Festivus!!

Go forth and celebrate!


Comments on: "Catching Up For Christmas" (10)

  1. That itty bitty tree with just the one red ball on it is kinda funny. You live in such a pretty area of the country. I think light houses are neat too.

    In Baltimore, we just have rats the size of hunting dogs. Aiieeeeee!

    Jeez, Indigo, if you could hitch those rats up into team and put some antlers on them, I bet you could make a real festive display for the holidays!

  2. God! That’s really a storm! I mean I never knew they could be sooo bad. Hope it doesn’t get any bad. Merry Christmas, Greg. Stay safe. BTW, I totally enjoyed the trip. When are we going again?

    Mouli, the snow we had only totalled about five or six inches…but I hear some parts of Connecticut ended up with almost two feet, and more in more northern locations. Even that isn’t so bad. In January ’05 we had a snowstorm that started Friday evening and lasted through Sunday…and we ended up with about five feet of snow from that!

    I will be headed to Connecticut for Christmas shortly, so maybe I’ll get some pictures of that excitement. Meanwhile, I’ll keep you posted about when there’ll be more traveling!

  3. I have to comment on your tree as well. It’s really a wonderfully sad little thing isn’t it? It has so much more character than the perfect and symmetrical numbers most places offer.

    Thanks for sharing your storm with us. Gorgeous. Looks like we’ll be having a wet Christmas here, which isn’t particularly Currier & Ives, but it’s always been festive in my book. (The occasional 75 degree holidays have always seemed a little wrong…)

    Anyway, yes, it has been quite a year hasn’t it? Well, you’ve made it through really well, looks like, and I have nothing but warmest thoughts for you there in that snow! Enjoy it, Greg!

  4. Lovely pictures, as always. That’s kinda lots of snow there. It looks like it to me, anyway, but then I hardly ever see snow. Glad you didn’t lose power.

    Merry Christmas, Greg!

  5. Ah, Greg, that tree is lovely beyond words. It has long been a tradition in my family to save the Charlie Brown trees and give them a home. Yours is divine, and probably the best Ive seen.

    Your storm photos are remarkable and remind me of the weather Duncan and I have been experiencing while in Idaho for the holiday. It never quite seems Christmas-y to me unless there is snow on the ground and resting on the boughs and branches with the soft glow of lights rising up through the powder.

    Merry Christmas to you, my friend. I hope the joy of the season lasts all year ’round!

  6. Happy Holidays!!! ((HUGS)) :)

    And to you, my friend! Enjoy!

  7. Merry Christmas my favorite gardener! Hope you had a wonderful day! Best wishes for 2009!

  8. Happy Holidays, Greg!

  9. Merry Christmas – enjoy the snow it was mid-70’s here on Christmas – yuck!

  10. Sounds like a nice holiday for you. I like the rainbow maker but don’t need one. I’ve got a great southern exposure and a glass top dining room table with beveled edges. Through some accident of positioning I get rainbows on floor, walls and occasionally ceiling.

    Sounds nice, TS, but I bet your dining room table can’t make the rainbows dance!

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