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Travel’s Eve


So today we had 63 degrees for a high temperature.   Two days ago it was 15.  The forecast indicates we’ll continue to see this vacillating back and forth throughout the next week.  Tomorrow temps drop again and maybe there’ll be a little freezing rain overnight.  Saturday and Sunday, warmer with sunshine.   Hard to make any sense of it, until someone suggested to me that it was probably the Cold Miser and the Heat Miser with their regular sibling rivalries.   Most of you get the reference, right?   Please tell me it’s mostly just my friend Vicki who never saw the Rankin and Bass classic The Year Without A Santa Claus, with Mickey Rooney as a grumpy Santa and Shirley Booth as Missus Claus.

I did take advantage of the  nice temperatures to spend a few minutes at the beach today on the way to the office.   We had strong, gusty winds overnight which brought us today’s high temperatures and they were whipping about a bit at the beach.   But it only sounded cold.

This isn’t much of a blog post, really.   Essentially, I’m feeling a little like this is my away message:   “You have reached the blog of the Midnight Gardener.   Greg is off having Holiday Themed Adventures in the Big Apple and probably won’t be posting for a bit.   Thanks for visiting and have a great day.” because I am leaving tomorrow and will be gone throughout the weekend,  with little time for or access to a computer.  I’m all packed and will hit the road for Connecticut as soon as the bank opens and I can cash my paycheck.  But in the meantime, am I sleepy?  No, of course not.


And a conversation with Marisa, who shares December 12th as a birthday with me has me thinking about past birthdays, as I get excited about this one.   It’s been forever since my birthday hasn’t had some kind of commitment or other.   Usually it’s a workday.  In college, it was usually the first day of Finals.  This year I have the day off, and I’ll be wandering around one of my favorite places in the world…and spending time with some pretty terrific friends, too.   That’s often a theme of my birthday, working or not, I’m happy to say:  the Friends.

Random flashes of Birthdays Past spring to mind.   I remember answering phones with my pal Bob for a public television telethon (*Chris Shaw, were you in the studio that night?)  in Schenectady one year, with tiramisu afterwards.  I can hear Hark, The Herald Angels Sing played by Andy on a solitary trumpet echoing across a frozen pond in Saranac Lake, freshly falling snow softening the sound.   There was barhopping with Spike and Tom in Plattsburgh on another year (let’s keep the details entre nous, eh, Spike?).  One year I received a gold wedding band in lieu of an actual commitment.  For a much earlier birthday, it was the funeral of my great grandpa Flannery. 

You hear a lot from people about dreading those big round numbers that mark off the passing of decades…but those have never bothered me all that much.   The one that freaked me out in its approach was the 27th.   I recall that it bothered me I’d never been so close to 30 before.  As it turns out, it was pretty delightful, as I spent the evening sipping Guinness with a handsome Nutcracker Prince in between performances, listening to him read his poetry.  Other years there were caroling parties, or Christmas concerts or Messiah sings.   Many years have included a festive red and green Jell-O cake.  Once or twice my day has coincided with staff holiday parties.

Of course, like any day, you never know exactly what you’ll get.   So it’s good to keep expectations low, and plans adaptable.  There are a few things I think I can count on this year:  I’ll have seen some of my dear family the night before.   I’ll have the pleasure of traveling by train to that great isle of Manhattan.   I hope to have a visit with Santa Claus and to see The Most Beautiful Tree In The World.  And like always, there’ll be dear friends.

Meanwhile, here at the Nest, the Downstairses have put up their holiday decorations outside, to say Merry Fishmas to you.



Comments on: "Travel’s Eve" (16)

  1. Have a wonderful birthday, sweetie! You share your date with my older sister! It’s a good day to be born. You tease us with hints about prior birthday celebrations, so you’d better be prepared to tell us all (ALL) about Manhattan upon your return. Or while you’re there. Happy Birthday!

    Well, in keeping with my review of previous birthdays, I promise I *shan’t* tell you everything…only the good bits! ; )

    Thanks for your wishes, Birdie; it’s a pleasure knowing you! Best wishes to your sis on her day, too!

  2. Best wishes- looking forward to hearing all about it! Is your visit with Santa with our friend at Macy’s? Give that bad Santa a pinch from me!

    “Bad” Santa?!? You do realize that’s an artificial thing he’s fostering on Facebook. That boy’s always been Cookies and Milk!

    But yah, that’s the one!

  3. I love the falling snow effect, once I realized I wasn’t coming down with the first migraine in 26 years. You’re probably on the road by now, so you might not see this until after the weekend, but I can’t wait to see you. With any luck the heavy construction on the gas main in front of the building will be done, and they will have turned the water back on after repairing the line they broke while working on the gas. Ah, the glamorous life of the city…

    Hey, I’m still without an oven here, so no worries…I’m heading out shortly. I’ll pick up some bottled water! ; )

    See you soon!

  4. Only one wish for today. May you always be surrounded by a cloud of friends, your whole life. Happy Birthday.

    Thanks, Martin! That might be the best wish ever…!!

  5. Enjoy your trip!!

    P.S. I’m Mr. White Christmas, I’m Mr. Snow…I’m Mr. Icicle, I’m Mr. 10 below…. ;)

    No freakin’ doubt! I was just reading about the snow in New Orleans!!

  6. Have a fantabulous and Happy 39th Birthday!!! It is 39, right?? ;-) I envy your temperatures that you are experiencing. While I love the snow we are getting, it is a bit unbearable temperature-wise for December.

    sTEVEN, either you’re being sweet, or your math skills rival my own. It’s actually the 22nd anniversary of my 22nd birthday! ; )

  7. Would be waiting for the updates eagerly! Have a great time and Merry Christmas in advance.

  8. Happy Birthday! Sounds like this year your birthday has even greater potential for being particularly pleasant.

    Should I be embarrassed to admit that I’ve never seen The Year Without a Santa Claus? I watched Mickey Rooney is other movies a time or two. Does that count?

    Not embarrassed dear, but perhaps that’s something you could watch with Sproing and Angel sometime! Check the listings for the ABC Family Channel’s 25 Days of Christmas programming!!

    Oh, and greetings from Harlem…the sun is coming out, there’s a hint of blue in the sky and its shaping up to be a lovely birthday, indeed!!

  9. I hope you have a ball this weekend. I like the fishmas decoration.

  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREG! I can’t believe it, I was offline for almost three weeks so I’m so happy I came back in time to say it to you. Sounds like you will be having a very exciting time, and you certainly seem to have intriguing memories of birthdays past :) I guess your birthday is just close enough to Christmas for there to be lots of general excitement in the air and just far away enough for you to not be upstaged…lucky call! I congratulate your mother on her finesse ;)

  11. I’m thinking of you today. I hope you and Patrick are having a wonderful time.

  12. The weather’s been pretty wacky here too. We had warm/cold/warm/cold all in one week and it made me get sick. :(

    Sorry to hear that Indigo. Hope you’ll be over it in no time! Always keep a scarf handy!!

  13. We had a wee bit of snow fall this evening. If the temperature drops a bit more it just may stick.

    I liked the decorated fish with the lights around it. I had this feeling I couldn’t shake where the fist would turn out and face me and start singing. ;-) (that Bass fish )

  14. that should be fish instead of fist . . . it must be happy fingers.

  15. “Mary fishmas”…oooh, ouch, groan…

    I’m sorry I missed wishing you happy birthday on the day itself, Greg, but let me wish it now and spread the joy out a couple of extra days! I hope it was a great escape. Share pictures as soon as you can!

    As someone else who has a birthday this time of year I first felt a little pushed aside with the big mothership of a celebration heading right for us. But how many people have birthdays where the world is all decorated up for them! Hopefully New York’s birthday decorations were spectacular!

    Oh, they ARE James!! I have TONS of photos and I expect I’ll be blogging about the trip for a week or more once I get back tomorrow!! It’s been a weekend just packed with great times!!

  16. Oh no I missed it! Happy Birthday Greg!!!! Even though it is a little late.

    I thought I was seeing stars for a second then I realized it was snow on your blog. Merry fishmas??? Booooo bad joke Greg! ;)

    Not late at all, Steven! Just got home this evening. Weekend details soon!

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