One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

A Little [More] Christmas

ojt-gardenSunday started off rainy, but as the day progressed, our temperature began to slide and then teetered back and forth on either side of freezing, finally deciding on snow as afternoon turned to evening.

Here’s a shot of the sleeping winter garden at work.   The evergreens dominate the picture, but there’s also an assortment of roses here, and just below the center of the image and to the right a little, is a nice stand of that lavendar beebalm you’ve seen before in the Midnight Garden.   Come spring I’ll dig another clump of this nice sized colony (planted here by me during some other move in years gone by).  Those brown circular plantings are ever-spreading drifts of white Siberian iris.

I had talked previously about not going whole hog on getting the Nest decorated for the holidays this particular year.  Since I won’t actually be here for Christmas, there won’t be a live tree, plus I’m not really sure where one would go.  But I was hankering for the smell of some fresh pine and so on the way home from work, I stopped by my favorite nursery/tree stand and picked up a nice wreath for the front door.



wreathThe snow was probably at its heaviest for my short ride home, and as you can see, sort of, it wasn’t really snowing THAT hard.  Here’s the trees on the green (covered in white) outside of Snow Library.

After a bit of turkey dinner, I dug into the Christmas boxes stowed neatly (and snugly) in the back of the bedroom closet, so I could find the ribbons and such I wanted to use for decorating the wreath.   After wrapping it in gold star and green ribbons, I added some red rosehips from the hedge outside and then added a few shiny red balls and some more stars.

While I was out there in the hallway, I also wound a bit of shiny red ribbon around the stair railing and tucked some faux pointsettias above the frame of the large painting at the top of the stairs.   You know, once you’ve made the effort to dig those boxes out of the closet, it really is a slippery slope…and I spent some of the rest of the evening doing bits of decorating here and there.

stockings-are-hung1I even got a pair of tiny stockings hung for the cat and myself.   We aren’t asking for Santa for very much this year, so they are largely symbolic.

In fact, we would really be quite content with a little more quiet free time to lounge about.



fibre-optic-treeOn the coffee table, I set up the small fibre optic tree Granny sent me a few years back.   The tips of its branches continually change colors when it’s turned on, so it really doesn’t need much in the way of other decorations.  But since it isn’t always turned on, it’s been draped with a few strands of beads and an assortment of bird ornaments are tucked in here and there.

Up above hangs the pothos plant I inherited from Patience.   It lost many of its leaves in the transition from outdoors to indoors, and so is a little bare just lately.  I plan to repot it soon, and give it a  bit of a pruning, but I’m only fooling myself to think that will happen any time before the new year.  So I’ve dressed it up with some red and green ribbons and then chosen a few of my favorite ornaments to hang from the floral wire that suspends the plant and its string of cheer lights.

I think it’s kind of festive.  A few other long ribbons have been woven here and there around hanging plant hooks and around windows.  That will be about all the decorating I’ll do here.   I don’t really have plans for any big holiday entertaining, so it’s really just for me and the sleepy kitty.   A few bright lights, some shiny things and a few birds is really all we need!


I’m happy to report that, as I prepared to post this, I heard from James at Lost in the Landscape and am relieved to know his was not the neighborhood in San Diego where a fighter jet fell out of the sky today.  My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of those who were not spared in this tragedy.   You just never know what’s coming next, do you?

Love each other, everyone!


Comments on: "A Little [More] Christmas" (10)

  1. Badum looks like he’s got the whole “lounge about” thing licked.
    I like your little decorative efforts. The stockings in particular are adorable.

    Keep warm, my friend!

    Yes, he IS good at the lounging about, that’s for sure. He sets a good example for me, if only I’d pay more attention.

    He’s certainly helpful with the “staying warm” business…which is a serious concern on a night like tonight, when the temperature has dipped to a chilly 17 degrees outside. Tomorrow, though, they say we’ll see fifties again. Go figure.

  2. Wow, Thats look like a very nice, there is a very big party on Christmas…

    Hey, Gang…this one’s spam, actually! But what do I know, maybe lots of my readers here at the Midnight Garden need fancy professional-grade hairbows for the cheerleaders in their lives. Christmas is coming, after all, and as they say, “Save the cheerleader’s hair, save the World.” Or something like that.

  3. Nice work, Greg. Would looking forward for their updates in spring. Nice Christmas deco too.

    Another tragedy! God! Whatever happened to peace in this world? My prayers are there for the affected ones.

    Sadly, Mouli, tragedy and trouble is all about us in Life. We are fortunate when there are good things going on in our lives to distract us from it. All the more reason to make a big and happy celebration of Life whenever the opportunity presents…and even when it does not!

  4. Yeah, what Badum needs is more lounging around time. Though maybe he wishes he got to do more of it with you.

    The nest always looks festive, with the paint treatments, but the seasonal additions are a nice touch. I am thinking now that I won’t get a tree, but a wreath might be a good way to go. If I do, I’ll probably hang it inside the apartment somewhere though, for maximum pine scent impact. Either that, or I should plan on spending more time hanging out in the stairwell.

    A wreath inside is nice for that great scent, though I find mine is already shedding needles like nuts.

    Just don’t leave it up too long – I know someone – not me – who left their wreath on the wall far too long and ever after had a resin ring on the wall!

    You’re right about Badum. He does maximize the lounging about, but I think he’d be happier if I did more of it with him. ; )

  5. So many wonderful pictures and I love the wreath. Everything looks so festive. I miss the wonderful music from the old address. :(

    Hi CJ!! Thanks for your visit! I miss the music, too. Wish I could get it to play automaticallly…but for some reason, you have to click on the pop-out player now…(ratsn fratsn wordpress…can’t complain TOO much, though…it’s not snowing over at Blogger…)

  6. I’m refusing to touch the christmas box this year. It’s a time sucking vortex, so I’ll just save up for next year. Maybe this weekend you’ll get a big snow dump. We’re getting one today even though we were’nt supposed to.

    Bit your tongue, Mister Wordo. Unless the snow happens after I have arrived in NYC, I am simply not interested. It already sounds like I will heading southward on Thursday through…sigh…freezing rain. Fingers crossed for a warm-up.

    When you say Christmas box it A) sounds a little dirty and 2) makes me despise you if what you are saying is that all your holiday decor fits in a single box for easy storage. ; )

  7. The wreath is lovely, as is the fiber optic tree (I SWEAR that thing looked animated for a minute), and of course your happy little snowflakes coming down was a pleasant treat. (I thought for a minute I was seeing things!)

    You know, I *tried* to make a movie of the fibre optic tree, since its so cool, but I don’t know my camera so well, apparently…so fail.

    Maybe it was the snow that made it look animated. It doesn’t snow on Blogger blogs, does it? ; )

  8. Seems your cat like’s his blanket, good boy.

    We are both quite fond of that blanket, my friend. Thanks again.

  9. What a terrific tabby-striped sky you had that day! I hope the snow isn’t as heavy where you are as it is here on this screen in San Diego! Did you miss the worst of that ice storm that’s been all over the news? I hope you’re ok and that you have power for important things like having heat and keeping the pipes unfrozen!

    And thanks again for your concern over that awful airplane-thing, Greg. Although San Diego is a big town, this one was too close for comfort.

    The ice storm wasn’t too bad here in the Metro area, though I did end up revising my Thursday night plans for it. NYC’s been pretty lovely this weekend, fortunately!!

  10. Just popped over from another blog I was checking out where I saw you on favourites. Happy Birthday in refrospect for the 12th.! Thought I’d leave a comment since you also seem fond of plants and I could not resist that wonderful wahboard sky on this post.
    Happy days!

    Thanks for stopping by, Arija, and for your birthday wishes!

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