One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Our Freezy Weekend


Most of the snow sort of disappeared, as trace amounts of early season snow will do.  Even when temps stay low (and our high on Saturday was 25 F…), a little sunshine or a bit of wind is enough to take the stuff away.

But thanks to the cold temperatures, there was plenty of ice to be found all around by Sunday morning.  In parking lot or driveway puddles, birdbaths and even the tidal waters of Rock Harbor.

I was dashing off to work this morning when I spotted the slushy ice, but the commute is so short these days, it was easy to justify stopping for a few quick pictures before resuming the dash toward what was to be a long and tiring…if also satisfying…day.

I’m happy to say we’ve managed to break the cold spell and our temperatures have now climbed all the way up to 36 degrees F, although at this late hour, it is back down to 33. 

Ah, well.  It’s time to break out those layers and enjoy the woolen socks!






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  1. Whoa! 33 deg F! It hardly goes as low as 70-75 deg F here and we say it’s very cold. I guess I’d freeze up as a statue there! BTW, the last pic with the sun like a blurry ball looks awesome. Great Photography!

    Chand, if you were here, we’d hook you up with a nice heavy coat and maybe a sweater or two. 75 cold? That’s absolutely lovely, windows-open weather here! BTW, the small blurry ball of light in that last image is actually a streetlight. But thanks!

  2. I’m sorry, but “ice” and “beach” do not belong together in the same post/picture/thought. Brrrr.

    Heh heh…you get used to it after a while, Birdie. It just makes the return of springtime that much sweeter!

  3. Layers? I just have my down filled parka ready! It’s rated from 0F to -20F so I think I’ll be ok.

    Well, okay…if you think that is best. I just hope your naked self doesn’t get cold under that super-jacket. ; )

  4. Ice?!!! We’ve barely had a frost in Western Mass as yet!!

    P.S. Was that you who left the piano in the sand dunes? ;)

    Now, Tigeryogiji, there’s no need to gloat. Actually, I’m happy for the news, since I’ll be motoring to western CT tomorrow and will be happy for no snow or ice along the way.

    Wow…the piano story’s got some serious legs, huh? I heard it this morning and wondered if it was the piano from the house I moved out of at summer’s end. But I’ve seen the video at YouTube (search of “Harwich mystery piano”) and its not the same one at all. Still, an interesting tale. I’m glad someone found it before it was ruined from being outside!!

  5. In northern California I have four irises blooming and a bunch of Herbera daisies. Very weird to look at your photos and then to look out the window.

    Irises!?!? Kathleen, the heck you say! We’re going to need some photographic evidence of those on your blog sometimes real soon! Don’t keep them all to yourselves! I can think of a dozen people, just off the top of my head who’d feel better if they could see an iris this time of year! Enjoy!!

    Oh, and we’re supposed to see temps in the high fifties and thunderstorms tomorrow, so don’t be TOO sad for us.

  6. I like the look of the ice in the tidal waters. Is that the marsh? Anyway, it looks nifty. We’ve had rain all day with very mild temps. Should dip back into the 20s later in the week though.

    I was relieved to hear that the stairs up to your Nest are inside, therefore not subject to icing over. I was worried about you there for a little while.

    These photos were taken in Rock Harbor, looking to the west toward Cape Cod Bay. The harbor, of course, is the mouth of Rock Harbor Creek…which is also the entrance to the marsh. So yes, sort of.

    There is just the single step outside the building here. Which I’m sure will present its own challenges, but yes…I am happy to say the bulk of the steps are indoors and should stay ice-free! Thanks for the worries, of course!

  7. This morning’s temperature was about 30 degrees F. That is the coldest so far this year. There was no precipitation of any type. We’ve had intermittent rain and sunshine this past week. I’m not complaining as it’s just the type of weather we have this time of year. Nothing like a first snowfall to let a person know winter is knocking on that door. Stay warm and dry.

    Your weather might be more conducive to holiday decorating! Today, we have heavy rains, but temperatures should be climbing!

  8. Snowy but still beautiful! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving, Greg!

    Snow’s all gone now…warm with lots of rain…at least, that’s what was happening on Cape when I left for Connecticut this afternoon! Hope your holiday’s terrific, too, my dear!

  9. Woolen socks…and fleece lined boots…and sweaters…all the comforts of winter.

  10. I’ve got big cotton ball snow falling outside my window. I want to love it, but it’s going to be a frequent visitor until mid April. It does look christmassy.

    Don’t fight it, Torn! Just enjoy the festivity now…and deal with the over-familiarity later! I know you all have already celebrated Thanksgiving, so I will merely wish you a happy third Thursday in November!

  11. You live in such a pretty place!

    Here in Baltimore, there’s trash all over the roads. The streets are lined with boarded-up reo homes and abandoned cars. The rats are as big as cats, and they fear neither man nor fire. The horror… the horror…

    Wow…I’m sorry to hear that Indi. You’ve certainly given me a new appreciation of the place I live.

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