One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Walking Autumn’s Rainbow


town-linesSo, with the installation of the Big Mirror has come a new campaign toward exercising, a daily routine which sort of fell by the wayside this fall, as so many other things about Life changed for me.   

I hardly have illusions towards Buffdom but you know, I did quit cigarettes recently (117 days, 21 hours, 32 minutes and 11 seconds ago, actually), and while Altoids and a variety of fresh fruit have largely filled that void, there’s also been the occasional Three Musketeers bar or tiny little pint of Ben and Jerry‘s Something or Other.

I’ve been doing some sit-ups and crunches and stretching in the living room, but I find the big danger there is Badum climbing onto me to watch (is the Burgess Meredith as the Trainer from “Rocky” impersonation just my imagination?)  me exercise.  It’s hard enough doing these things early in the morning when I’d like to still be in bed…and then Mister Purrypants climbs aboard, curling around and tucking his paws under himself and settling in on my chest to look me in the eye, “Okay, let’s see some of this exercising…” and then with the purring and the lack of coffee, I’m asleep on the hard living room floor.

So yesterday morning, which was both chillly and sunny…bracing, let’s say, founding me exploring the neighborhood, on safari for fresh air, sunshine and exercise…and yes, some pretty pics for the blog.  I was thinking of a bike ride, but the bicycle requires some maintenance which would’ve eaten more of the morning than I had to spare, so a walk it was, down a sidestreet.   Just a quiet neighborhood, snuggled along the edge of a marsh where two towns meet.





bittersweetYou can see I’m still having some fun with Photoshop, though at some point I will have to see if there’s a proper tutorial to show me ALL the options.  Being a guy, I’ve been thus far avoiding looking for instructions/ directions and just exploring the program.  But I’m NOT lost.

I love those fancy mum flowers up above.  I’m especially tickled by the way the petals curl like little tubes…and the colors are pretty great, too.

I’m especially glad to have gotten out for a walk this week.  I’ve been missing the walking and look forward to re-establishing that habit.  I might even get the Cat a leash and harness and see if he wants to come with.

Our fall colors seem especially brilliant and long-lasting this year.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen such a stunning range of rich autumn tones as the oak leaves are giving us this year.  Or maybe I’m just seeing them more clearly. 





Comments on: "Walking Autumn’s Rainbow" (5)

  1. Am very much enjoying the fall colors. From a distance.

    Sarcasm, thy name is cat.

    Which is loveable and annoying at the same time.

    If Badum agrees to the leash and harness, we’re going to need proof.

    Barb, I’ve been thinking about the kitty leash thing for a while. I think I’ve found someone I can *borrow* one from, before I lay out the cash, just in case he chooses NOT to be interested. But I suspect he might like it, at that. Of course, when proof comes, I’ll share.

  2. Greg, if you google “photoshop tutorials” you will come up with some useful hints on how to get certain special effects and once you’ve tried a couple of them you get more of an idea how it works. I’ve been using it for about 8 years now and I’ve still only scratched the surface, don’t even know what some of those fancy geegaws do to this day. I’ve often found that following an online tut just for fun will teach me a lot of new tricks.

    Don’t talk to me about exercise. The closest I get is putting a Madonna CD on and dancing like a fool round the living room for an hour…

    Bird, thanks for the tip about Tuts. I figured that’d be a good way to pick up a few things, now that I’ve got some sense of the program. Always fun to learn.

    Gee, your kind of exercise sounds WAY more fun than mine. ; )

  3. Lovely photographs! Your autumn is beautiful. You have a good eye for it, too.

    Love that mental image of Badum “helping” you exercise. :)

  4. Hubby had to lock the cat out of the room when he did pushups. She’d see him and run to his head, rear up, and bat playfully at him. He’d collapse laughing. He finally threw her out and shut the door. We tried a harness on her, too. She was convinced she could not move when we put it on her. We strap her in (loosely) and stand her on the bed. She’d fall over sideways every time we propped her up. So good luck with that.

    Our leaves have finally fallen; nothing but skeletons now until April. You manage to find life wherever you look.

    Ha ha ha…they are certainly entertaining, these kitties. I’m beginning to question my buddy’s dedication to being a personal trainer. He slept right through the exercising this morning. Perhaps on this gray morning, though, it was enough for him to be able to hear me out in the living room doing my thing while he snoozed on the bed.

  5. Great pictures with beautiful colors. I remember trying to train Dexter to first get used to the leash and then to be walked with it on, which he eventually would have nothing to do with. It was a short-lived hope. I hope you have better luck.

    I’ve pondered this “cat-on-a-leash” concept for a few months now…and it seems to be me if any cat is going to be down with the idea, it might be my little gray buddy. We’ll see.

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