One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."



Well, yes, I have been away for a few days.   It’s not that there isn’t plenty to tell you, but then again, is there really all that much to say?  I have continued to make some progress at getting the Nest seem a little less like a storehouse of boxes and a little more like a home…and then, again, a whole new wave of boxes has recently arrived at the place…and so certain parts of the apartment are once again rocking the Warehouse Chic look.  Steps forward.  Steps Back.

And then, there’s been the whole computer business, as my home system crashed and burned in a big showy way last week.  Somewhere along the way, my virus protection had stopped protecting without my having realized it…I can’t imagine why, can’t think of a single thing which might’ve distracted me from this in recent days.  Anyway, it was Kaput.   But there were other things to capture the imagination.


Election Day turned out to be both exciting and historic, as we elected Barack Obama to the office of President.  To commemorate the momentous occasion, I framed and hung this notecard I’ve been fond of for a while.  Here it is hanging on that purple wall Badum helped me paint a week or so ago. 

As exciting as this was, however, Election Day also brought a stark reminder that, while many people are comfortable with the idea of electing an African-American into the country’s highest office (and isn’t that mindset long overdue…), they are still also comfortable with denying rights to people based on who they love. 

The news that Prop 8 in California passed, as did a variety of other homophobic bits of law around the country, was a pretty disheartening contrast to the presidential excitement. 

At first, I tried to console myself that the Obama Administration had already expanded federal hiring policies to not exclude people based on their gender identity or orientation…but then I was reminded that this is actually just a restoration of something which had been in place during the Clinton Administration.   Steps forward.  Steps back.


Comfortable admitting that I have an internet addiction, I can tell you that I wasted no time in going online and designing a new desktop computer from DELL, which arrived here on Friday afternoon.  

I was properly rewarded for my frugal option NOT to order a new keyboard by discovering that I would therefore need an adaptor costing twice the savings in order to make the OLD keyboard compatible with the new CPU.  Steps forward.  Steps back.

But all’s well now, and the new system is quite enjoyable…especially the new big monitor.  And I’ve got new software available to me, including an actual Photoshop program…which allows me to try some new things with my pictures.  Just look at all the time I wasted developing this fuschia photo.


fb-spongedIt’s fun to have the new system, but suddenly, it’s a whole new learning curve.  A new operating system -Vista -which is, not bad, but different…and a little disconcerting for that.  I might not think its so bad…but it may just be too soon to tell.  

And really, I shouldn’t be letting myself be distracted with the new computer, when there are still things to be painted or unpacked, or framed or…whatever. 


Or maybe that’s just a little more of my impatience with my recently-unsettled life.  Every time I turn around, something else seems to be changing and I begin to wonder if it’s painful for a caterpillar, the whole business of metamorphosis and do they long for the whole transformation to be finished? 

And really, at what point in our lives is the whole business of transformation finished? 



And so then I realize I don’t want to be longing for an end to anything.  And fortunately, I have this wonderful cat who keeps leaping into my lap and snuggling in for some serious rubbing and snuzzling. 

He helps me remember what’s really important is this time we spend together.  The little things we do for one another which make us smile…or purr.  Those are the things I need to pay more attention to.  Because with a kitty murmuring warm against me, its easier to see that all the rest, those steps, all the forward and back…

That’s just dancing.



Comments on: "Dancing" (14)

  1. Oooooh, you have photoshop, you know you are going to lose a lot of time playing with it don’t you? But such pretty, pretty time… I love your fuchsia and how the leaves came out too.

    You have my sympathy for the one step forward two steps back feelings – just what I’ve been having too, though I won’t go into details. Mind you, no-ones seriously curtailed my human rights just recently – or at least not so I’d noticed. (They could have done it quietly I guess). I have a strong hope that this clawing back of rights is the temporary dying throes of an attitude that is quickly on it’s way out.

    Fortunately, Bird, with winter upon me, I have some time to spare to learn the Ins and Outs of Photoshop. Should be fun!

    I like to think that this issue of unequal rights for some of us is a condition which can’t persist for very much longer…

  2. Congratulations on your new computer! I wish you patience as you roll with the learning curve. I have trouble with new computers and new cell phones because I get so frustrated as I learn how to use them.

    Love the Photoshop effects! Way cool.

    The image of the dance of life puts a helpful perspective on things.

    Welcome back to blogland, Greg.

    Thanks, Javabear, It’s nice to be back. Now if only I could figure out how to make the blogroll.

  3. I’m so thankful I popped in to read this; changed my ‘tude this gray morning. Thanks

    You are most welcome, Mel…thanks for stopping by!

  4. Glad to see that you’re back amongst us!!

    Thanks, Tigeryogiji…now I need to get back to all my long-deferred blog-reading!!

  5. Ah, another pastoral moment in The Garden. Thank you. And I love that last photo of the leaves. So glad to have you back.

    Thanks, Birdie!! It’s nice to be back.

  6. Looks like you’re getting used to the new technology quite nicely, and it’s enabling your artistic side! Glad all is well.

  7. “…those steps, all the forward and back… That’s just dancing. Wow, Greg the gardener and the poet and the philosophical poet, always a new side you show us and a great one.
    Honestly this “dance” is a great image to deal with things.

    Martin, never underestimate the power of a kitty in your life!

  8. “That’s just dancing.” That’s really good. That’s my take-away. Thanks, Greg. We’re waltzing in the wonder of why we’re here…

    Cool PS effects… I like the third fuscia – looks like a soft pastel or pencil. The embossed vinyl one just before that is wild. The leaves look like painted gold leaf. Nice.

  9. It may be dancing but some of my partners just step all over my toes! I’m at least confident that my tune is the one that will be playing in the end although–dang!–theirs just seems to keep going and going…

    We’ve had some computer glitches at here at home as well. Unfortunately what came back from the shop was the same old machine–nothing with more bells and whistles. Glad you turned your minus into a plus.

    But be careful: The only patches they’ve developed for Photoshop are software ones, nothing trans-dermal that you can apply to yourself to help fight a software addiction! The moment we start seeing pictures of Badum smiling out of the center of a sunflower…well, we’ll know that you’ve sunk into Photoshop’s dark clutches… Be. Very. Careful.

    Oh, I heartily agree about the dance partners. Some it seems, truly are meant to be wallflowers. We stand with you, dear Californian friends. Or we’ll help you find something to buy here in Massachusetts.

    As for the melding of cat and sunflower, well, now you’re just challenging me, aren’t you?

  10. The leaves are cool in a psychedelic way….

  11. Yes, not capable of anything more deep right now.

  12. You have a healthy attitude about setbacks. And photoshop is a time sucker for sure. Now you are going to learn how to do High Dynamic Range Imaging. Check it out on wikipedia.

    Thanks for the tip about HDR. I do look forward to playing around more with my photos, so this looks like a good skill set to work on during those long dark days of winter. Or maybe for some of those Christmas lights photos. We’ll see…

    Setbacks, feh.

  13. Glad to see you’re enjoying the new computer and the undertaking of Photoshop and all it can offer with their filters. It’s definitely a time sucker. HDR is also a fun program to work with. A good HDR program is Photomatix. Google that and you can use its trial version.

    Oh, thanks for the tip. HDR sounds interesting, so I appreciate your direction and will surely check that out.

  14. This such an interesting time right now, especially in LA with the Prop 8 taking over the city

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