One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

A Provincetown Fog


It’d had been two months since I last got my hair cut.  Two months since a whole LOT of things, actually.  But two months is my limit on hair growth, anyway, and so it was off to Provincetown this afternoon for a pruning.

My appointment was late in the day, which by now means far too late to catch the sunset on the bay, not that we had any such atmospheric phenomenon today.  It was gray and misty and dull.  The rain we’ve had in the last day has helpled to gather most of autumn’s brilliant colors into damp piles on the ground.

But I do like night-time photography and the misty conditions were too tempting to pass up.  I don’t currently have a tripod, but there were plenty of things to steady oneself again.  I thought a few of these came out well enough to share.  Enjoy!!







Comments on: "A Provincetown Fog" (17)

  1. I love the emotion in these pictures. It feels misty and mysterious, and very still. The lights across the water are cool! I like foggy nights like this, especially if I don’t have to drive a school bus through them. ;)

  2. I think those are the first pictures of Provincetown that I’ve seen without swarms of people on the streets, Greg! I guess that’s the off-season for ya’! Pretty!

  3. Provincetown, say is that not the gay hot spot of the east? Dave and I are suppose to go there and check out all the gay Americans! ;)

    It is something of a gay resort, yes! And only about half an hour away from where I live, so don’t you dare make plans to come visit, Steven, without letting me know!

  4. There is something great about fog and night time in a photo, so atmospheric, and you captured it! Personally I don’t mind a bit of camera shake, I think it can add to the mood. The second to bottom picture is particularly eerie!

  5. They look gorgeous to me! :)

  6. Beautiful nighttime photos! The setting reminds me of where I was last weekend.

    Thanks, Steven! I’ve been remiss in my blog reading…I’ll have to go see where you’ve been wandering off to lately!

  7. I love the lighthouse in the mist… just marvelous. It looks like it’s standing sentinel there.

    Technically, that’s not a lighthouse, but the Pilgrim Monument, which towers over the streets of PTown as a reminder that the Pilgrims landed there first, after writing up the Mayflower Compact at anchor in the harbor. But not finding fresh running water or public rest rooms, they got back onto the Mayflower and sailed across the bay to Plymouth…and the rest of the story you know from the Brady Bunch. ; )

  8. Nice photos! See, Jess doesn’t really know this P’town…but I do. Very nice.

    Thanks, Marc! I love Provincetown in the rain. I was amused to note that this weekend upon us is Single Men’s Weekend. I attended once as a tourist and it rained more often than not…but we still had great fun!

  9. These are gorgeous, and very evocative. Fog is always so magical (as long as you don’t have to drive it, like Java says), but fog on the water is best of all. This is the kind of weather I love in Ireland as well as New England.

    It really was a beautiful evening, just the right temperature for walking in the rain without it being a bother.

  10. These are really nice pictures… Romantic. Timeless. Hummm, yet eerily devoid of human life… and yet, the electric lights elude to the existence there of… nice… :-)

    Thanks, Sue! Actually, if you know where to look, you can see a few shadowy blurs which were the other people who were out walking, though the rain was keeping that to a minimum. I’m sure most thought it a great night to be inside!

  11. Pretty…

    Makes me imagine like Loreena McKennit playing in the background, or some ethereal American music. (Which I can’t think of right now.) Is there American ethereal music or do you have to be English to accomplish this?

    I tend to take similar pictures like this with my old film camera. Like snow pictures and mist pics. Some turn out well; some are not so much.

  12. Such lovely light, this darkening gold.

    Beautiful shots, Greg. The sheltering fog whispers of peace and richly limned contentment.

    So lovely to hear from you, Mister Joe! I hope this means you are all rested up from your hard work on behalf of Mister Obama and a (mostly) grateful nation!

  13. It’s been really spooky foggy here the last few days too. One day I’ll make it to ptown, of course with a stop at chez toi.

    That would be quite lovely! Of course, assuming we have not already arrived on your doorstep thanks to anti-queer American politics!!

  14. I see my other half was here already. I’ll have to go give him a hard time over his comment. :)

    Thanks for sharing the photos. Neat stuff!

    Glad you enjoyed the pics, Jess!! Go easy on the guy…

  15. I like the fog and mystical setting it always creates in my mind when walking in it. Enjoyed the pictures.

  16. addendum:

    Where’s the picture of your new haircut?! ;-)

    Ha ha…guess I forgot to include that! I hope to post soon from this new computer and will see about satisfying your curiosity.

  17. I particularly like the fourth photo from the bottom–Is that a person with a suitcase? People going places in the night, but you’re not quite sure where…very Edward Hopper…

    Oh, thank goodness. I was wondering if anyone else could see the guy with the suitcase, or if it was only me.

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