One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Old is New. Eetwoo.

Do you recognize it?  I know I barely did.  Yesterday, I made one final visit back to the garden in Harwich.   Though carefully timed, it was neither a long nor an easy visit.  But there were just a few things I didn’t want to leave behind – particularly a few iris roots which had only come my way this summer, which I’d like very much to see bloom in my new garden next year.

I was able to rescue the irises…at least the ones I was able to find.   It seems that some plants have been dug out of the garden, besides those I had taken along previously.  In addition to those, I also brought along a clump of pink dianthus, some golden sage, and another bit of yellow moonbeam coreopsis…which I know will multiply into a legion before long at all.

It’s just a little garden patch right now, but that’s always a good place to start and I know before long I’ll be spilling over into other parts of the yard…or even other yards. 

There’s not much going on now, beside those chrysanthemums, which are continuing to put out new flowers on a daily basis, but I know that’s just how it appears.  Down below the surface, those roots are spreading out, pulling down into the soil, anchoring themselves against the winter winds to come, drawing up the moisture and nutrients they need to start collecting to fuel next year’s show.

Meanwhile, as I turned over the soil and took out some of the grass and weeds which had taken over this fallow spot along the fence, I was given a secret message:  “EETWOO”.  

There have been plenty of times before that the garden has given me some kind of message, but it’s usually a little more clear than this.  Honestly, I’m not sure what it means.  Obviously, it’s the plastic lettering one finds on the side of a car announcing its model, but I’m having troubel thinking of the right name here. 

Was there a car called a Fleetwood?    Sweetwool?   Beetwood?   Greetwood?   Oh, wouldn’t Miracle Max have fun with this one.


Comments on: "Old is New. Eetwoo." (8)

  1. Well, thank God you rescued the iris roots. Those will be nice next spring. Good for you. And yes, the Fleetwood was a Cadillac.

    Hey Marc! Yes, they’ll be purple!! And thanks for the Enlightenment!

  2. it’s probably fleetwood.

    i’m glad you were able to recover some of your plants. i wonder what happened to the other ones. perhaps the squirrels, rabbits and other rodentia are getting more enterprising and skillful at using their opposing dew claws.

    So, then, you’re completely ruling out “Fleetwookie” entirely?? : )

  3. rethoryke said:

    Yay! The iris have escaped!

    BTW, I think the original full name of the Caddy in question was the Fleetwood Brougham. Here’s the wiki entry:

    [insert the song “Got Me a Cadillac” from _Dreamgirls_ about here]

  4. I thought fleetwood too. Carefully timed but still difficult? Did you see the dog?

    No, sorry to say I didn’t get to see Em.

  5. Sweetwookie, obviously.

    Glad you got those few last plants. The fence looks totally different! No, I didn’t recognize it.

  6. Gardens go wild pretty quickly, don’t they. Was that the hard part of being there, or did other difficulties present themselves? I’m glad you got to rescue at least a few of the plants, especially anything purple.

    Suddenly ‘Fleetwood’ is sounding vaguely dirty to me. Like having sex with the Flash maybe? Okay, that doesn’t sound fun at all, now that I really think about it.

    There were minor complications, but really, once I got there, I realized I just wanted to be gone again…and so my digging was brief…but I did save a purple thing or two.

    Ohmigod, are you really leaving that as a comment?? You know, the third Flash actually WAS a bit of a pig in the way he related to women, which I suppose ties in well with the whole premature/fast thing…which I’d never thought about before today. Not even after hearing about “Fleetwood”. Interesting.

    Hey, all this reminds me that I need to get the OTHER blog back up on its feet, but it’ll probably still be another week or so. Thanks for your patience, loyal readers (That’s you, Jeff. Hope the wedding weekend was Grand!!).

  7. Sad to see the old place.

    EEtwoo zyyzzyxx dettgudlindo qwerty wubbunkish!

    Translation: A garden isn’t a garden without a gardener!

    I’m not good with the old languages, particularly the automotive ones. I knew someone would be able to help me parse the meaning if I posted it online. Thanks, James!

  8. Just seeing the split rail fence reminds me of where you are. Hope you’re able to save those as they are transplanted in the new garden.

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