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Blog the Vote



Fittingly, it’s a beautiful day today…and an important one, to boot.   And there are duties and tributes to be made before going any further, and they have nothing to do with politics.   You see, an unspecified number of years ago, the world was given a pretty wonderful gift, though it doesn’t always realize, in the form of a remarkable woman.

She’s strong, funny, smart, thoughtful, loving and all around great!!   And the day simply wouldn’t be complete without my being able to say “Happy Birthday, Mom!!”  I hope the day is full of pleasures great and small and that the day’s end brings you, and all of us, one more pretty terrific gift.

polling-placeIt truly is a beautiful day in Massachusetts today, sunny and bright, with temperatures easily in the low sixties.   Talk about your brand new days.  It’s completely unexpected and totally delightful…and I like to think it will encourage as many people to get out and vote as possible.

Today was my first time voting in Orleans, and so it was a new polling place and new rules, after being used to Eastham for so many years.   It seems the town is split into two districts…and rather than voters being listed alphabetically by last name, we are alphabetical by Street Name.    This meant I had to switch from one line to another once or twice, but my fellow voters were pretty patient with me…and truth be told, hardly seemed less confused than I.  Despite that, our lines moved pretty quickly and everything seem to be running smoothly.

It’s an exciting thing, isn’t it?   Stepping up and making your mark, officially doing your part to make your voice, your opinion heard and recorded?  It always makes me feel good…and it’s a good feeling that really isn’t predicated on who wins or who loses.   There’s time to think about that later on, as the votes are counted or disregarded or contested or what-have-you, and however that plays out, we will make the best of it.   We Americans may be annoying and obnoxious sometimes, but we are good at getting through difficult times, too.


For now, it’s enough to have gone out and done my bit.    (Either that, or I’m simply giddy that, for a week or two, anyway, the whole seemingly-infinite campaign cycle has drawn to a close.)

As I was driving into the parking lot, I had spotted my friend Vicky amongst the people who were lining the driveway to the polling place with signs for various candidates.    It was such a nice day and I was feeling good about having voted, so before moving on to the rest of my day, I spent a little time with Vicky and took my turn waving a sign or two for our candidates, both national and local.

Interestingly, there was only one sign for McCain-Palin pushed into the ground a little ways down the road…and the only person who’d been there waving a sign for those candidates earlier had apparently given up the ghost. 



Not to belabor the point, but I can’t let the day go by without showing you this local Republican Campaign Headquarters.  

I wonder if they thought, when renting the space, about the irony of their operation being housed in a defunct local bank, or if that was just something that occurred to them in more recent weeks.  

At any rate, I have a feeling this is one drive-thru in town that won’t be giving out lollypops today.



Comments on: "Blog the Vote" (10)

  1. Ouch! Defunct bank lol! Okay young man, did you call your mother today? Huh? ;)

    We are having a mini summer here now, all the snow is going bye bye! Yaaaaay!

    Steven, we were both busy this morning, but I’m heading home to give her a ringy-dingy shortly!!

    Glad to hear about your Little Summer; its too early for snow that lasts! Enjoy!!

  2. Greetings to your (for me) unknown mother (but ok there were some comments), your Harwich pictures make me a little sad, but that’s this strange thing called live, and “We Americans may be annoying and obnoxious sometimes”, what should be the object of this? You guess he seems to be a reasonable person and then these “cruel” words. A gracious person like you cannot eliminate mistakes by others, hope Mr. Obama is worth your hopes. Good night and good luck with a lot of love.


    (PS. originally this should be an email, little mistake, but I’m too tired to change, you can choose).

    Thanks for your note, Martin, one way or another! And please thank your mom again for the lovely afghan, which was encouraging the cat and I to fall asleep before we heard acceptance speeches last night!

  3. Happy Birthday to your Mom! My dad celebrates a further decline into old-fart-hood in 2 days. November is a good month for birthdays.

    What pretty weather you had today! I love the mums. (Those are mums, yes?) We had clouds that looked dark and ominous, and some cool breezy gusts, but it was lovely. Superman and I voted together mid-morning and the line was fairly short and moved quickly.

    I love the beautiful irony of that Republican headquarters! So funny :D

    Those Scorpios do keep one on one’s toes, don’t they? And yes, those were mums…all those different colors on the same plant, too!

  4. cute pic of the McCain sign

    It was only ten a.m., and not even the first positive sign about the election outcome I’d seen or heard by then, either! What a day!

  5. Happy birthday to your mum Greg, she couldn’t have a more exciting day for it this year – hope she doesn’t feel upstaged by the election! And congratulations on the result, I think the whole world is going to toast America today :D

    I’m sure Mom appreciates your good wishes, Bird! It was an exciting day. I spoke to her late in the afternoon and I don’t think she was feeling upstaged at all!

  6. That top photo looks like a painting. It is beautiful.

    Happy birthday to your mom! What a gift she got today, huh?

    I was pretty thrilled with that shot of the bay…sometimes the light is just PERFECT.

  7. I found you again! Now I must change my blogroll

    I hope your new president make less wars around the world. It was one interesting night yesterday for all people in Europe

    Hi Mary!! I have to come visit your blog soon! And I need to figure out how to make my new blogroll here. But first, I’ll have to replace my computer at home…the news on that subject is sad indeed.

    But we all have grand hopes for Mr. Obama and our future!!

  8. Looks like we swapped weather for election day…we actually had rain, then sun, then rain, then sun again. That was a good prediction for the California outcome, which was some historical good news mixed with some egregiously awful (particularly with the constitutional amendment against gay marriage that passed with 52% of the vote). Hopefully your sun predicted that everything you wanted came to be–and hopefully the outcome was a great present for your mother as well.

    The McCain HQ picture was hilarious. What were they thinking? Didn’t they realize that politics all about symbols? Did they have any idea what the building’s former incarnation was?

    Well, your weather sounds like it was an appropriate indicator of CA outcomes, sorry to say. I was pretty disheartened to hear that Prop 8 and some other similar measures around the country passed. There was one in CT that was voted down, I believe…so not all the news is bad. And of course, this is not the end of the story…I hope all you CA couples know that we will stand with you in your fight to retain your rights…and barring that success, MA will always welcome a few more gay married gardeners!

    I can’t imagine they could rent the space without having known what it had been previously. I mean, the drive-thru window, the vault (Wendy’s doesn’t have one of those, I don’t think), the location…all pretty banky. Ah, well.

  9. Happy Birthday to your Mom, Greg!! May she have many, happy returns!

  10. I hope your mom had a wonderful birthday!!

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