One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Stormy Day’s Progress

Ah, a day off…and a rainy one, at that.  No wonderful day outside to distract me from things I hope to accomplish.  Fortunately, I still had the Internet to assist with my procrastination.

Despite that…and some serious kitty play time…I did get a variety of things accomplished with the day.  Not always especially blog-worthy things…just the business of washing dishes, sweeping and swiffering, breaking down cardboard boxes which had recently held new supplies with which to establish a household…that sort of thing.

After all, in addition to painting walls and shelves and purchasing brackets and unpacking…and blogging and working…and exploring…there’s also always plenty of that Housework stuff that Margaret Atwood once described as the Art of the Infinite.

It was a mostly rainy day and increasingly cooler as the day went on.  Despite this, the sun managed to break through the clouds a few times late in the day…but the rain didn’t always stop for that phenomenon.  I wasn’t in a position to see any rainbows…so I just had to imagine my own.

Late in the afternoon, P rang me up and asked if I’d come down and give her a hand swapping out an old carpet for a new one she’s recently acquired.  Always happy to be a good neighbor/tenant, I went down to help her heave some furniture around and drag the old carpet out from beneath the things we hoped NOT to move.  Here she is multi-tasking:  hands to mop, rags under the feet to dry!

I’m sorry I didn’t get a shot of the room with the new carpet properly laid out.  It’s an oriental rug, floral pattern, not quite as large as the room, but with a nice raspberry cream base color (nope, not stereotypically gay here, but I know what color raspberry cream is…) that really makes the rest of her furniture pop.

As the afternoon threatened to become evening, I finally found myself in a position to be ready to start setting up some shelving in That Room.  It’s the second bedroom here at the Nest.  Eventually -long term- I see it as a combination library/conservatory/guest bedroom, but for now, it’s just been that room where I pile things and try not to look too closely.

Anyway, the shelving is necessary for riding herd on my out-of-control book collections:  I will need to be able to see them all properly if I’m going to cull them for the local library’s ongoing book sale.  But I couldn’t set up shelving in good conscience until I’d gotten some fresh paint up on the walls…so I spent the earlier part of the evening doing that, again with the Cape Cod Gray.   A second coat will be required, but it’s looking good so far.

As I worked on that, the night grew stormier, and so as hunger grew, I found myself no longer interested in leaving the house for mirror brackets or groceries.  Fortunately, pizza delivery is an option here, so before too long I had a nice Rustic pizza with mushrooms and garlic at the door…and not long after that, in my belly.

The storm really was kicking up, with temps falling into the high thirties and winds howling and rushing outside the windows, wind chimes clanging frantically.  I tried to watch a little television at the end of the day, but the combination of a comfortable afghan and a heat-throwing purr-meister sprawled on top of me made sleep inavoidable.

If visitors to the Nest think that it feels like living in a treehouse, they should spend a night here during a windstorm!   I’m glad to say…(pretty sure this is true)…that we were able to avoid the snow flurries that so many further inland reported during this storm.  It’s always a shame when the season ends so abruptly…and I wish those snow shovelers strong backs and patience.

Not much in the way of gardening in today’s post, so let me direct you here, to show you some amazing stuff done with begonias.

Here’s the sunrise this morning, as seen out the dining room door here at the Nest.  Not nearly as magical as seeing it at the beach, but still a comfort after the overnight storm.


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  1. La la la…its beginning to look alot like Christmas… it snowed here about four inches! Whaaaaa! Lucky that you missed it, oh well there is always next spring! :)

    Well, either the first snowfall of the season has put you in a merry mood, or we are hearing the singing of a man driven mad by the elements. Hope it’s the former…I know the first snowfall often puts a spring in my step…provided there’s no ICE hidden underneath and I know where my boots are.

  2. You should have just brought Badum downstairs, tied some rags to his feet, and let him do the drying for P. Well, assuming he felt moved to zoom. We had a great storm here too, and while I didn’t have a purr-meister to keep me warm, I did snuggle under an afghan with a fun book.

    I envy you folks with eastern windows and clear views. I have the former, but they look onto the narrow courtyard, and the west wall of the building next door. Not quite as much fun to stare at with my morning coffee, and doing so might get me arrested.

    We dodged the snow here too, though apparently some of the state got it. I wonder if we’ll end up getting an early winter. I love snow too, but might get tired of it if it lasted six months of the year.

    Sounds like you need to hang some travel posters on rolling window shades, my friend…then you can look out on tropical beauty never knowing if its snowing just beyond! Look forward to hearing more about the book!

  3. *Sigh* I found snowflakes on my windshield yesterday morning. I am not ready this year. Seems like I’m cold all the time anymore. I’ll be cocooning a bunch this winter.

    I don’t know if it will be a nastier winter than usual this year, but I too, feel hopeful that there will be plenty of cocooning against the cold.

  4. Just trying to catch up this week. Your home is reallly shaping up and I think you got your painting down before having to completely closing up the house for the cold weather. Your previous entries are quite beautiful in capturing the fall and wildlife. Many thanks for keeping your blog so nice and an oasis amoung the many desert blogs out there.

    Don’t you hate when Life hustles you along and you feel like there’s not enough time? Glad you were able to stop by and set for a spell, Butch! And thanks, as always, for your kind words…but I must point out there are many wonderful oasis-like blogs out there…when one knows where to look. On that note, I hope to have by Blogroll restored sometime very soon.

  5. I love that picture of P mopping and drying!

    What an exciting stormy day! It sounds like you got a lot accomplished, including some important kitty bonding time.

    It didn’t feel like I’d accomplished as much as I’d hoped, by day’s end…but there were lots of tiny progresses…the ones that are part of some larger process…and after I’ve gotten enough of those accomplished, the cumulative effect will be more obvious and satisfying to me. Meanwhile, for satisfaction, you can hardly do better than Cat Time.

  6. We had an inch of snow. Sara’s last turds were in it. I’m a freak, I know.

    Sorry to hear about the snow, and as I’ve already mentioned privately, about Your Girl. We all cope in our own ways, my freaky friend. (You won’t do anything ridiculous like put it in the freezer, tho, eh?)

  7. There’s nothing more comforting than knowing that pizza delivery is an option :)

    You got THAT right!

  8. How fortunate to experience both sunrises and sunsets. I remember how that was on Chesapeake Bay. So Kitty is not one to like occupying these boxes that you broke down, eh? I like how your photos have that angled look. Adds another element. Sounds like that refrig needs to be seriously replenished. Reminds me of the days I’d visit my brother in Chicago and all I’d see were assorted white boxes of Chinese food in his refrig. Have a fabu weekend!

    Actually, Steven, there’s one box he IS especially fond of nesting in, so I’m leaving that one for now, plus two others; they are on the sturdy side and may help get rid of the surplus of books when I have sorted them out.

    There’s a nice variety of stuff in the fridge…just nothing I felt like cooking at that late hour! For those counting, this is only the second pizza to be delivered to the Nest since my arrival here in September!

  9. Heya, Greg- Just had to check in with you and see how you’ve been. I’ve been hit with some serious work projects and trying to write a short story for something in my spare time, so I’m afraid I haven’t gotten around as often as I normally would. Anyway, still been thinking about you.

    ESPECIALLY as I have been watching the first season of Heroes and I know how much you were loving it. (I am now enjoying the heck out of it.)

    Save the Cheerleader, Save the World! :)
    Hope you have a super Halloween and weekend, Gregoire!

    Jenn, I can’t claim to know what’s going on exactly in HEROES this season, but I am still enjoying it…and look forward to re-viewing some of the season’s earlier episodes online sometime soon to see if I can make some sense of it all.

    I haven’t been good about my Blog Reading lately, either…sorry to hear you’ve been busy lately, as well…but glad you’re doing good!

  10. so…what…no Halloween photos of Badum with devil ears on or anything? Booor-ing. LOL. Happy Halloween, Greg. I like your new virtual digs, AND the real ones. :)

    Sorry, Sherm. We’re not especially “event-driven” here at the Midnight Garden just lately. Badum doesn’t DO devil ears, but certainly is full of devilment himself. We’ve been experiencing some annoying computer issues at the Nest, so are a little delayed in our end-of-week posting. We’ll see what happens this evening…

    The virtual digs – much like the real ones – continue to be a work in progress. Can’t wait to figure out how to create a Blogroll again! Happy Halloween!!!

  11. Turn the lights down and I’m sure The Cat will look quite black-cat-like as his gray fur fades into the darkness… Just in time for Halloween. Looks like someone forgot to tell the fuchsia that it’s mid-autumn in Massachusetts. Good that you’ve got some nice botanical company as well as feline. And pizza! What more does a boy need?

    The fuschia was looking a little bedraggled when I brought it in from the porch, but it is certainly responding well to its warm southern window! I wonder if this is a good omen about how it will grow this winter!

  12. Speaking of counting, how many days since quitting smoking? Your lungs have to be turning a shade of pink by now after all that tar has been rid from your body. ;-)

    Steven, it’s 105 days today!! I bet they are turning a little pink by now, at that.

  13. Merely Me said:

    Ahem! I logged in to check “exactly what stage” our moon is at and am sad to see that link gone from here. Gotta know Curt’s temperature and your moon stage! Don’t forget to “fall back” Sunday!

    I’ve been having some “widget” trouble at WordPress, thus the lack of the moonstages and blogroll and such. I hope to sort that out sometime soon, but meanwhile, my home computer is currently using language like “Fatal System Memory” and “Memory Dump in Progress”, so I have bigger fish to rebuild, it seems. ; (~

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