One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Weekend Bits

The container plants on the porch here at the Nest are beginning their downhill slide toward winter.  This weekend’s dip in temperatures, and a continuing lack of regular rain are working together on that.  The once large african marigolds are putting out these much smaller flowers now, which coordinate nicely with the size of the bachelor’s buttons flowers.

There’s no particular theme to today’s post, beyond unpacking and – as has been the theme for some time here – making the Nest feel more like a home, which it is becoming more clearly by the minute.  Some of the earlier part of the day’s unpacking revealed this sort of randomness:  a pretty flowered shower curtain, my high school clarinet (Really…it’s an actual clarinet inside.  I didn’t remember the Blue Devil on the case looking like such a band fag, though…), and some flatware (stop laughing, Java…).

Curt recently wrote to say that he would send along some butterflies to consecrate the new Word Press site for the Midnight Garden, and one of them arrived today!  I found a big smile inside a box that contained assorted garden – themed things and a great assortment of unused picture frames, which I think will inspire me to choose some of my best garden pics from the last year or two for a garden gallery.

This plaque, which is actually a dried flower arrangement (with a sadly deceased butterfly) between two pieces of glass, is pretty cool.  And since the butterfly is already no longer with us, I am happy to make his sacrifice mean something by hanging this somewhere I can enjoy its beauty on a regular basis.

Here are the two dressers I wrote about yesterday, both really nice pieces and most welcome as a place for storing linens and clothes in this great, but closet-challenged apartment.  In the first image above, you can see, too, the assortment of picture frames I mentioned before…and all the way to the left, a pair of table lamps.  You can also see how this dresser’s arrival gives new easier access to those who might want to nibble on the leaves of the spider plant.

This second image shows the other dresser, along with a CD/cassette/radio boombox and to the left, the Cat’s Ass.  The dresser is lovely, the boombox means I don’t have to multi-task so much on the computer and the cat’s ass, well, that’s just a fact of life.  In the lower right of the second photo, you’ll also get your first glimpse of my grandma’s coffee table, which fit very nicely into the living room here at the Nest.

I thought that was going to be an action shot of the cat, but he’s too fast for me.  Badum was tearing around quite a lot yesterday, probably as much in excitement about all the new stuff and boxes crowding up our environment again, but maybe also to keep warm.  It turns out that menacing the painting of the crow on the wall may turn out to be a regular part of his Cheetah-ing routines.  I thought I’d painted it on the wall for me, but it turns out he has some fun with it, too.

He looks sort of annoyed with me in the photo above, since I’d forgotten to shut the flash off the first time, and he’s NOT a fan of that.  As you might guess, all that tearing around takes a lot out of a guy, and so he also spent a fair portion of our Sunday snoozing.  Here he is in a tight little ball next to a garden pillow we found in one of the boxes.

By the way, the blue, purple and green afghan on the back of the chair there was made by my Great-grandma Berns.  It’s sort of fun that I’ve acquired a few “new” family heirlooms this past weekend, to outfit the Nest.  Sometimes, it’s nice to have things that all the important people in your life have touched around you, you know?

Once Monsieur Purrypants had had a proper nap, he and I spent the evening having some serious discussion about the exact placement of this small oriental rug in the living room.

We are still sorting out the finer details, although we seem to have come within a matter of inches of actually agreeing with one another.  Until such time as I cave to his way of thinking, I suppose I should just  get accustomed to the fact that I will continue to find it all bunched up at one end.  ; )

Even though we’d closed most of the windows yesterday, the chilly 46 degrees did seem to get to my buddy, and whenever possible, he wanted to make a tight little ball of fur in my lap, even succumbing to the indignity of the full wrap-around snuggle and head smoochies to stay warm.  There’ll be time to turn on the heat soon enough, but in the meantime, this little kitteh throws some serious heat.

Of course, it was while I was trapped beneath the ponderous warmth of my furry friend that I began to hear the sound of a hawk yesterday afternoon…and then the sound of two hawks.  I actually saw them a few times flying past the window I could see out of, but there was no opportunity to get a photo of these majestic neighbors (who’s lives must be very interesting on such windy days!) without flinging a sleeping kitty across the room and I know there’d be a price to pay for that.

Amongst the miscellany of the weekend’s delivery, I’ve found a spoonrest.  This means I can throw away the broken ashtray I’ve been using as a spoonrest that the old tenants’ left behind.  By the way, this weekend marked 93 days for me:  three months since my last foul cigarette.

That evil little Nicodemon still plays with my head just a little, but mostly, I don’t miss them at all.


Comments on: "Weekend Bits" (11)

  1. I love the tours you give of your Nest and the kitty and the wonders of nature. The picture of a perturbed Badum on the arm of the chair gives the most homey feel of just about any pictures I’ve seen of the place. It looks very settled, like a very comfy home.

    I’m sorry, Greg, I cannot keep from laughing at the flatware! ;)

    I guess I can forgive you the laughter! Badum’s been quite a comfort this weekend, keeping me warm and purry m’self…and laughing at the rest of his antics…well, until he turns his attention to the spider plant. I wonder if Liquid Fence works on kittehs.

  2. Oh! And congratulations on the smokelessness!! 3 months! YAY!!

    Thanks! : )

  3. Congrats on the no smoking. I think someone loves his kitty! :)

    No secret there, Steven! Badum is totally easy to love…and warm for snuggling, too! Which doesn’t mean he knows best about carpet-placement, but in every couple, there are negotiations.

  4. are you sure that’s a spoon rest? it looks like a very good oriental soup spoon to me :D it could hold a nice wonton or two.

    congrats on being smoke free. keep up the good work!

    you might have to tack your rug down to keep from becoming a home accident statistic. that would suck in a big way.

    I was figuring tacks might be a good idea. We have tax on everything else around here. ; ) it is for sure a spoon rest…but not you’ve got me craving wontons…am I only just finding out your name’s Naomi? I’ve always loved that name!

  5. Congratulations on the smoking sessation. Badum is looking as regale as usual.;-)

  6. Butterflies kinda creep me out. They are really just roaches with a better wardrobe.

    I also admire your chests of drawers.

    Ha. I’m just not sure what to make of that. Are you dissing the butterfly for its social climbing ability? Or is it the whole, hey look, i’m a creepy caterpillar/no wait, I’m a beautiful flutterby thing? Hmmm. If you didn’t already have one in progress, I’d suggest the study of your feelings here as an appropriate topic for the oft-discussed NERPoD.

    They are nice chests, though. ; )

  7. Happy three months. We should make a wager with one another. $100 if either of us fail. Which we won’t of course, but just in case…..

    Really?! If I have a cigarette, you’ll give me a hundred bucks?!

    No deal, Torn. You’re not even Torn. You’re just the Nicodemon dressed up in a Rick costume! Even if I want one this morning, I’m not having one.

    ; )~

  8. I think Mr. Purrypants is just adding his two cents on how to furnish his new home.

    Amid all this change and challenge, you have still kept away from the cigarettes. Congratulations!

    He most certainly is, Birdie. Thanks for the congrats!!

  9. rainforestrobin said:

    Whooeee! Things ARE looking good here. I love these photos and see that I have much catching up. If I wasn’t out the door for my first hike in weeks I would sit and have tea with you and explore the new place, pet Mr. Purrypants LOL and explore your new home. I LIKE it and have missed you. Too much work and so little time. I prefer “so many men and so little time.” At least THAT made sense, but the other…NOT!!! Hugs to you my dear friend. :) :) I will return, and have bookmarked the new site. Robin :) :)

    Robin, the Hike takes precedent, naturally! The blog’s here 24/7, but you oughtta have some daylight for the hiking. Hope it’s a great one. Glad you’ve joined the party over here…more coming soon! Hugs back atcha!

  10. It’s looking more and more like home. It of course starts with the cat. Maybe he’s freaked with the boxes thinking there’s another move? You need to sit that boy down and have a long, comforting talk.

    So is the silverware new or are you one of those box-saving people? I’m not being critical–I have some silverware boxes here and there myself…

    It’s feeling more like home…and actually, I think my buddy’s feeling pretty comfortable there. Although we’ve had a new influx of stuff/boxes, he seems to feel home unfolding around us. We’ve even agreed, for the moment anyway, where the carpet should be. There’s a new shower curtain he likes lurking behind, now, too!

    As for the flatwear, there’s an in-joke. Back when I was still using the good plastic cutlery, Java encouraged me to purchase an inexpensive set of real cutlery, that this simple pleasure would improve my life in ways I could not imagine. And so I went to K-Mart and bought some. The next day, a friend dropped off a box of service for eight. And now, a week later, two more sets of unopened flatwear has arrived. And it’s starting to feel like a scene from the Busboy’s Apprentice!

  11. Thanks for the flatware explanation. It’s worth rereading your post to get more of the context. Funny. In the 80s and 90s I couldn’t decide on just one flatware design, so I got one place setting of a few different sets. It didn’t grow into anything huge–I can only do a mismatched 80s dinner for 9-10 people. It’s nice to know some collections don’t necessarily breed themselves out of control.

    The new challenge, James, has been finding a nice deep flatware *tray* which would accomodate at least some of this terrific collection of flatware, but fits in my very narrow kitchen drawers!

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