One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."

Fungi (get it?)

Good morning, and welcome to an annual feature we here at the Midnight Garden like to call “I’m Just a Fun Guy”.

It’s my chance to wander around and take a look at some of the other things that are popping up out of the ground this time of year.

This one’s sort of impressive. I don’t know any of the real names for these mushrooms, save of course, for champignon
(as they say in polite French gardening circles…if such things exist).

I like to call this one the pancake mushroom.

And it would appear that I’m not the only one who thought it looked edible.

Wait, is that a pair of squirrels lugging the glassine figure of Mrs. Butterworth into the underbrush?

I wish I could include a few more of these photos…but there isn’t mush room.

Sorry, gang, these are the jokes.

(Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all week. Try the grape tomatoes!)


Comments on: "Fungi (get it?)" (1)

  1. Thrift Shop Romantic said:

    Wow, Greg, what do ya do for an encore if you can spore, er, spare the time? :-)

    And yes, it DOES look like a pancake… that’s way too funny.

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