One gardener's observations, discoveries and random thoughts whilst simultaneously worshipping and dallying in a Cape Cod garden. "A garden," said Ralph Waldo Emerson, "is like those pernicious machineries which catch a man's coatskirt or his hand, and draw in his arm, his leg and his whole body to irresistable destruction."


Ah, a bit of relief from the morning itch of the poison ivy today…glad to feel some progress in a return toward normality (whatever that is…).

Was out for a nice morning prowl through the garden early on, and found not only the first single flowers of the purple cranesbill and assorted other things, too.

This “Big Daddy” hosta seems to be very happy in the new brighter location its enjoyed this spring, unfurling more of its crinkly leaves than we’ve seen before. At its feet, a nice color of creeping Jenny, aka, lamium, is filling the bed in nicely, while a few lilies come up onto the scene behind.

More of the Star of Bethlehem are opening in their little constel
lations all around the house gardens, like this clump disguised in some grass on the house’s southwestern side.

In the back garden, the double white daffodils are beginning their show, despite the recent move.

And I may have found the answer to last evening’s random idlings about cross pollinating the smaller pink columbine’s with the larger blue one, in this one of two purple columbines (which seems to combine the traits of the other two) which are blooming near Thumper George’s cage.

Not far from there, an old pink azalea is blossoming, too!

On the journeys to and from the office today, I was traveling through Tag and Yahd Sale country, and did stop at a few places to see what they had to offer. I was keeping an open mind, but somewhat focussed on the idea of finding something that could be transformed into a cool additional birdbath on the cheap for the back garden. There certainly seems to be interest in the bird community for another location.

I didn’t find anything to fit that bill just yet, though an assortment of different ideas are playing through my mind.

Meanwhile, I did find a cool plastic dinosaur(*look close), which now has a home in this prehistorically-themed whiskey barrel. The slate structure is just the right size to shelter a candle. The Flintstones used to call them brontosauruses, but I think we call them a brachyosaur (sp?). Go figure.

I felt kind of bad for some of the yard sale folks, since this weekend is also seen the start of the big annual Pine Pollen release, with greenish-yellow dust drifting down all over everything! I also observed that the people with the coolest looking piles of stuff in their yards are usually not hosting a sale.

When I got home, I addressed some cleaning and maintenance of the paths, as I explored the back garden beds. I’m fond of these single orange marigolds, which were part of a six-pack of different marigold varieties I found on Friday. You can see a milkweed seedling pushing up alongside them to the left.

I planted the different varieties out in their own clusters, each near one of the recently arrived tomato plants.

Those are planted not far from this Atlantic poppy, whose bud turned upright today and by evening had cracked open, teasing us with a first glance of its bloom color.

On another front, the first gladiola tips are already appearing here and there, reminding me where they were planted. Everything’s growing so fast, though, I’m sure there’ll be a few that still surprise me when they bloom.

This little spider (and a few others like him) was seen scurrying around at the base of assorted plants in the central perennial bed back there.

And a more ‘in-focus’ picture of these newly-arrived lady bugs’ activities atop the swelling peony buds, well, that would just be indiscrete. They do seem to be settling in rather comfortably, though, wouldn’t you agree?


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